STB partnered the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) to launch the Tourism Innovation Challenge for Hotels on 18 May 2017. The Innovation Challenge aims to crowd-source for innovative technologies to drive productivity and enhance guest experience for the Ho​tel IndustryThere would be networking sessions and clinics arranged, for solution providers to have a deeper understanding of the industry needs and to facilitate closer engagements.  For Successful Participants, there would be valuable opportunity to work with hotels, who will provide mentorship and real-world environments to trial prototypes developed along the course of the Challenge, with the potential to scale for wider industry adoption.​​

Please click here for the media release of the Tourism Innovation Challenge.  

Challenge Process and Key D​ates

​​​​​ Challenge process.png

​18 May 2017Launch of Tourism Innovation Challenge and publication of documents on S​TB’s website
​22 May 2017 (AM)Tou​rism Innovation Challeng​e briefing session
7 - 14 June 2017​Vendor clinics with STB
25 July 2017 (PM)Networking session with Hotels
​28 August 2017Deadline for submission of proposals​​​​​
​October 2017Successful Participants to commence prototy​ping​

​​​​​​*Participants are to note that the dates indicated are subject to change, and as such, STB encourages Participants to check this webpage for upda​​ted ​details.

Latest Update​​

Awardees of Tourism Innovation Challenge for Hotels *Updated*


Affle is a Technology Solutions & Data Intelligence Platform provider headquartered in Singapore. It has enabled 1500+ custom applications with extensive experience in developing front-end & backend solutions along with handling integrations with legacy systems for Enterprises. Its Data Intelligence platform processes billions of Attribution Data events to driving personalization and relevance for end consumers.

 It's chat concierge product for hotels provides automation of pre-stay and on-stay experiences through an automated query handling trainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine that enables guests to use an easy "conversational" experience to take care of requirements ranging from Room Bookings, Event Bookings, Tour Packages & Itineraries, On-Stay Concierge Services and more.​​

Email: charles@affle.com | Website: https://enterprise.affle.com/


A set of solutions that focuses on making it easier and faster to turn over beds in hotel guestrooms. The objective is to keep these measures low in cost, and with minimal impact on existing hotel infrastructure. 

Email: john@chemistryteam.com | Website: http://chemistryteam.com/

Drop Positioning systems (2 projects)

An automated Inventory Order & Track System for a wide variety of items through innovative use of several sensing and data processing strategies. Machine vision, weight sensors, and neural networks are used to track stock levels and automatically initiate purchase orders. Interface is accessible on a variety of devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Real-time photos within the interface will also provide visual confirmation of stock level warnings and PO sign-off can be performed within this unified interface.

A system that greatly increases productivity of the Bellman by simplifying process of storing and locating guests' luggage. Base stations will guide bellman to the geo-fenced zone where luggage is. Bluetooth tags fastened to luggage will beep and flash. These Bluetooth tags will automatically update the system whenever they are moved. Additional enhancements would include anti-theft alarm should the luggage be removed without proper un-tagging. A unified interface can be accessed on a variety of devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Email: laurence.lee@drop.com.sg | Website: http://www.drop.com.sg/

Evercomm Uni-Tech Singapore

A data collection system comprising IoT-enabled non-intrusive sensors (power meter, vibration, noise sensors, etc) will push extracted value of data to a central database. Automated analysis of data will provide correlations/patterns to predict potential equipment or spares defects /failures, and identify specification of spares requiring potential replacement. Integrate solution with the ERP system to push statuses of spares procurement instructions, delivery tracking and replacement statuses to user. Alerts can be received on mobile devices or a web-application.

Email: Ted@evercomm.com.sg | Website: http://www.evercomm.com.sg/

FaceRecog Asia

FaceRecog's Face Matching System has two functions which will help hotels raise service standards and be more efficient in its operations. Its first function, "FaceID" tag individuals to a unique FaceID and will contain pertinent information of the guests. Cameras positioned at the front desk will identify the guest and a visualization dashboard will appear to the front desk staff, showing the guests' information. The second function involves detecting the age, gender and sentiment of individuals, in order to display the most relevant promotional media content to the individual who is standing infront of the digital signage.

Email: muhd.amrullah@facerecog.asia | Website: http://facerecog.asia/


Specialising in providing document-less check-in for hospitality industry, GTRIIP aims to reduce check-in time to less than 5 minutes by automating the check-in process from pre-collecting guests' information and verifying their profile by employing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Facial Recognition Technology respectively.  This check-in feature is also bundled together with a GTRIIP app, which can also help with "smart hotel transformation" pulling together other elements such as direct room booking, issuing mobile keys, controlling the lights, air-conditioner and television and in-app messaging.

Email: vetri@gtriipglobal.com | Website: https://www.gtriip.com/

Laundry Network

A solution comprising Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) combined with re-engineered Linen cum Housekeeping carts, integrated with RFID Tagged Linen and Gantries. The AMRs are integrated with lifts and will autonomously pick up/deliver soiled/pre-packed clean linen from guest floor pantries to loading dock. RFID enables automated and seamless linen inventory management in/out of hotel/laundry plant. The laundry plant will pre-pack exact linen required each day for each room attendant into the re-engineered carts for AMR transportation, which also reduces linen inventory and storage space required in hotels.

Email: tpchan@laundrynetwork.com.sg | Website: http://laundrynetwork.com.sg/


The Bedmaker+ is a semi-automatic bed making mechanism designed to eliminate tough and tedious part of bed-making and reduce time required by at least 40%. Housekeepers need not lift up the heavy mattress during bed making, easing their work. Using lightweight material, the system will be reasonably priced with development of an original mechanism and control board. Wireless control using IoT will also be possible.

Email: boonseng@mquestsys.com | Website: http://www.mquestsys.com/


The solution transforms the Room Key Card into a Next Generation IoT Smart Device. The E-ink display with Membrane buttons enable hotel to communicate and elicit feedback. Beacon Technology or optional Wi-Fi alternative enables Intelligent Proximity prompts. The device is key-card sized, easy to carry around and is RFID compatible, enabling compatibility with Hotel locks. Software for data analytics is available to provide insights.

Email: ian@ncodeconsultant.com | Website: www.tellm3.com​

New Doone Technology

A self-service kiosk will automate the check-in and check-out processes in hotels, tapping on facial recognition and artificial intelligence to authenticate and verify guests' identity. The kiosk can support several forms of payment, including Alipay and WeChat pay. The fully automated process will also dispense keycards to complete guests' journey.

Email: adrianna@niche-lifestyle.com | Website: N/A


A solution to shorten luggage service process into seconds. System is developed based on existing work procedures. There is also higher security as hotel is notified automatically when luggage is left uncollected over a period of time; provides a photo comparison between storage and retrieval stage; and eliminates wrong retrieval or unauthorized removal of luggage using a warning system. Solution is able to operate as standalone system or be integrated with existing hotel systems.

Email: wmtang@rfcom-tech.com | Website: https://www.rfcom-tech.com/


A wireless automated solution that improves energy efficiency of hotels up to 15%. Achieve this by automating adjustment of air-conditioning systems when guests are away, or even turning it off when doors or balcony windows are left open. Monitor energy usage of your buildings, rooms and appliances such as split unit compressors, VRVs or Chillers, and be alerted if there is a need for maintenance. With a proprietary wireless network, installation is simple and only requires a single gateway for all rooms with no need for complex wiring or installation.

Email: sai@sensorflow.org | Website: https://www.sensorflow.co/


Built on Taiger's proprietary AI technology, iConverse is a Virtual Assistant which understands and matches meaning rather than just keywords. iConverse is therefore able act as a Virtual Concierge, allowing guests to ask questions and provide feedback in the most natural way. For hotels, it also serves as an integrated platform whereby guest preferences are collected to provide personalised itinerary recommendations, and also used by the hotel to improve service standards and offerings. Most importantly, iConverse allows hotels to provide even better customer service by promptly identifying guest requests and feedback for any follow-up action. Of course, iConverse can be used in a myriad of industries, ranging from handling sales queries; a feedback channel for customers; as well as a tool for internal staff training. 

Email: jonathan.seetoh@taiger.com | Website: http://www.taiger.com/


Trabble provides a chat-based Guest Engagement platform for the travel industry, automated by AI ChatBot leveraging on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, to help Tourism and Hospitality businesses manage multiple channels, including Facebook, Website, Email, Mobile App, etc. With Trabble, travellers can have seamless experience in getting their questions answered, buy tickets and get services, through chat on all their platforms, instantaneously 24/7.

Email: ian@trabble.co | Website: https://www.trabble.co/

Tuple Technologies

Tuple's application seeks to create a platform that is engaging for customers to use and, in turn, enable hotels to collect data about customers' itinerary, preferences and behaviour whilst automating the concierge's workload. This new data collected will enable Hotels to leverage on the power of AI and machine learning to enhance guest personalisation activities/campaigns/promotions, and preferred holiday/hotel activities. Combining this new information with data crawled/bought from external sources and the hotel's own internal data of guests, Tuple would be able to increase Hotel's revenue by utilising machine learning throughout the Sales and Marketing business functions; which is Tuple's core business service.

Email: santhosh@tuple.tech  | Website: https://tuple.tech/


An Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) digital assistant (chatbot) that will offer a whole gamut of services from pre-stay to post-stay, to support and

enhance the concierge functions. It can answer routine FAQ questions and handle room service requests. With a customisable personality, the

bot can recommend personalised itineraries the way the brand wants it to. It is also able to analyse guests' behaviour and recommend appropriate hotel services or upsell when opportunity arises to avoid perceptions of a pushy sales pitch.​

Email: albert@vouch.sg/ joseph@vouch.sg | Website: https://www.vouch.sg/


The Hotel Concierge Chatbot aims to deliver a "Wow" service impact on the hotel guests by providing round the clock (24 by 7), instant information and request response via a conversational messaging platform. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the chatbot could enhance the hotel guest user experience with its personalised content based on historical preferences, to offer recommendations and cross-sell the relevant products and services.

Email: clemence.toh@zumata.com | Website: https://www.zumata.com/

Upload of Expression of Interest Letter and Clarification of Funding Mechanism 

Thank you for journeying with us this far! As part of the submission requirements, it is required for solution providers to secure a committed hotel pilot partner. You may refer here for a template of an Expression of Interest Letter as a form of proof of onboarding of the pilot partner.​ We would also like to take the opportunity to clarify on the funding support available to both solution providers and participating pilot hotels. Kindly refer to the eDm​ for more details.

Reminder: 28 August submission deadline!

Thank you to all who attended and participated actively in our Networking Session!

Gentle reminder that the Solution Proposals are due for submission on 28 August 2017, 1800hrs SGT. Please refer to the Challenge Documents below for the submission requirements.

Vendor clinics with STB and Networking Session with Hotels

The vendor clinics have now concluded.  Participants who have been shortlisted for the Networking session with Hotels have been informed. 

We encourage Participants who have not been shortlisted for the Networking session to continue engaging with hotel stakeholders to fine-tune your proposals and secure a Committed Pilot Partner prior to the submission deadline of 28 August 2017.  Participants need not attend the Networking Session to be eligible to submit a Challenge proposal. 

​​​Tourism Innovation Challenge Briefing Sess​​​ion

The Briefing Session had concluded on 22 May 2017.  Please download the Briefing presentation here.  For solution p​​roviders seeking partnerships with others, please refer to the list​ of interested companies.​

Challenge Documents

  • Challenge Document v1.1 – Click here​​
  • Application Form (Annex A) v1.2 – Click here​
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Click here
  • Expression of Interest Letter- Click h​​​ere ​ 


For more enquiries, please email us at: STB_HotelChallenge@stb.gov.sg