​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Resources from Travel Agent Roadmap​

Together with NATAS and other partners, STB has developed a suite of collaterals which may be used by travel agents to enhance their capability and sustainability..​

​Travel Agent Onboarding Guide
Published March 2017

Designed to complement the induction of new hires and interns, the Onboarding Guide aims to help them gain an understanding of the industry and be introduced to the necessary skills and knowledge required for their jobs. A quiz is available at the end of each section to reinforce learning, and an e-learning version will be made available by end-2017. ​

​Travel Agent Roadmap Handbook
Published August 2016

Launched at the inaugural travel agent industry forum, the Handbook illustrates the current operating landscape for travel agents and the possible way forward as designers of travel experiences. It also introduces the three thrusts of the Travel Agent Roadmap and details the various initiatives under each thrust. 
Technology Guidebook
Published November 2017

Developed to help travel agents navigate the myriad of technology solutions available, the Guidebook helps to match technology solution providers to the problems travel agents are facing. It identifies areas where technology may be used to increase productivity or enhance customer experience, then lists the possible solution providers based on these areas. 
Business Transformation Playbook
Published November 2017

Curated with travel agents in mind, the content of the Playbook aims to help travel agents evaluate their business and understand more about the various business models available. The Playbook also comes with a toolkit to help travel agents brainstorm new and innovative ideas to bring their business forward and thrive in the everchanging tourism landscape. 
​Travel Agent Internship Guide
Published November 2017

This Guide is for travel agents who are currently participating in internship programmes or are considering to do so. It will guide travel agents in planning meaningful internships for students. ​Accompanying the Guide is an editable Mentoring Checklist and an Intern Goal-Setting Form, for both interns and mentors to get the most out of the internship.

*Materials from the forum, such as the speeches, presentations and press releases, may be found at the Travel Agent Industry Forum​ Page.