​​​The Kickstart Fund supports the creation and test-bedding of innovative lifestyle concepts and events with strong tourism potential and scalability. This is with the aim of adding to the existing quality tourism software and enhancing the vibrancy of Singapore as a tourist destination.


The Kickstart Fund is open to all legal entities, for e.g. businesses, companies, associations, institutes, etc. 

Qualifying projects include customer-focused events and concepts, such as:

·       ​Multi-disciplinary/ hybrid events which cut across multiple lifestyle and/or ​business sectors, including B2B2C events​

·       Single and multiple editions of pop-ups (up to one year or four editions, whichever is shorter)

·       Services (eg. an art walk/tour, culinary tour as part of a wider event) 


For more information and any queries on the grant scheme, you may contact:
1) STB Kickstart Fund team at STB_Kickstart@stb.gov.sg
2) STB Incentive Policy Department at STB_Incentives@stb.gov.sg

For any feedback or suggestions, you may email the Quality Service Manager at STB_qsm@stb.gov.sg or leave your message here.



Successful applicants will receive funding support of up to 70% of qualifying costs, capped at a maximum grant of SGD 200,000 per project. Examples of qualifying costs include third-party costs related to professional services, production, marketing costs; and internal manpower costs. For third-party vendor costs, only costs paid to Singapore-registered companies will be qualified. 

Funding support is awarded based on STB's evaluation of the scope and merits of the project.

The project funded by the Kickstart Fund is to be executed within 2 years from the date of STB's grant offer.


Funding support is awarded based on the scope and merits of the application. STB will evaluate the application/proposal based on the following evaluation criteria:

1.      Strength of Concept/Idea

·         Innovativeness of the project concept in the following aspects: Content (innovative, new) and Consumer experience (differentiated, use of technology which enhances consumer experience).

·         The concept is unique, first-of-its-kind, and differentiated from existing experiences in the market.

·         The project must have some tourism potential.

2.      Business Plan

·         The feasibility of the project business model and potential scalability of the project.

·         Sound financial planning (including strategies to source for partners, sponsors, and investors) and project and budget management.

·         Effective marketing and sales strategies.

3.      Management Team's Competencies and Track Record

·         The management team must demonstrate the necessary abilities, track record (where available), commitment, and drive to successfully execute the project.​


To apply for the Kickstart Fund, please download the application form here.​

Applicant must submit the completed and signed grant application form, with supporting materials such as a project concept proposal, a detailed business plan, project budget and CV of key management team members as well as track record (if any), to STB via one of the following options: ​

Option 1 - Hardcopy submission

Please submit one signed hard copy and one digital copy (saved into a CD/DVD or thumb drive) of the grant application form, along with relevant supporting documents in one sealed package to:

The application box number 18 labelled "Kickstart Fund"
Located at the Singapore Tourism Board reception (level 1).

The Singapore Tourism Board is located at  
Tourism Court 
1 Orchard Spring Lane 
Singapore 247729

Option 2 - Softcopy submission

Please sign and send a scanned copy of the signed grant application form, along with relevant supporting documents, to STB_Kickstart@stb.gov.sg​. Please note that digital signatures are not allowed. ​

Only complete applications will qualify for evaluation.

For any other queries on the grant scheme, you may email the STB Kickstart Fund Team at STB_Kickstart@stb.gov.sg


Grants will be disbursed to successful applicants on a reimbursement basis, subject to achievement of the agreed projec​t deliverables and milestones.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Q1: What can one expect from the grant?

Ans: Successful applicants will receive funding support of up to 70% of qualifying costs, capped at a maximum grant amount of S$200,000 per project. Qualifying costs include professional services, equipment & materials, production, marketing costs as well as internal manpower costs. This excludes the operating costs of the business e.g. office rent or utility bills, etc. For third-party vendor costs, only costs paid to Singapore-registered companies will be qualified. Costs paid to non-Singapore-registered companies under the qualifying costs categories would be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Q2: Can newly incorporated companies apply for the scheme?

Ans: Yes. Both newly incorporated companies and existing ones can apply for the scheme. For existing companies, all can apply regardless the number of years the company has been in business.

Q3: Is there a limit to the number of Kickstart Fund applications each company/entity can submit during each evaluation cycle?

Ans: No, there is no limit to the number of applications/proposals that each company/entity can submit for support through the Kickstart Fund. However, each application and proposal must be unique.

Q4: Are there a maximum number of projects per category (i.e. arts, entertainment, dining, retail and sports) that the Kickstart Fund will support?

Ans: There is no cap on the number of grants that will be awarded for each category. Grants awarded are based on the merit of the applications.

Q5: I had previously received the Kickstart Fund grant for a project. Can I apply for a second round of funding via the Kickstart Fund for the same project?

Ans: No, as the Kickstart Fund is help support the creation and test-bedding of new and innovative lifestyle events/concepts with strong (but untested) tourism potential.  

Q6: I was unsuccessful in my Kickstart Fund grant application. Can I re-apply for the grant by submitting the same proposal?

Ans: If your application was unsuccessful the first time round, you can only re-apply for the grant if significant changes were made to the unsuccessful proposal/project.

Q7: Is the scheme limited to gated/ticketed events only?

Ans: No, the event is not limited to gated or ticketed events only. The event can be a free access or admission one.

Q8: Can existing events/concepts apply for the scheme?

Ans: Yes, but the event/concept must show a high level of differentiation from similar events in the market in terms of content and consumer experience. 

Q9: Can Kickstart Fund support Information and Communications Technology (ICT) projects or ideas that are innovative and first-of-its-kind (e.g. a web application/portal, e-commerce site, mobile phone/device application or technology)?

Ans: Kickstart Fund does not support the sole development of ICT projects. For development of technology product with the intent to improve visitors' satisfaction during their stay in Singapore, interested applicants may explore the Experience Step-Up Fund. For development of technology product with the intent to drive productivity of tourism companies, interested applicants may explore the Business Improvement Fund​. Please refer to the hyperlinks for more information on the two funds.


Have you done the Grant Eligibility Check to identify which grant is relevant for your project?

For an overview of all the grants that STB offers, you may refer to the Grants Overview page.​​​