​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Leisure Events Fund (LEF) supports the launch and development of world-class, differentiated, and celebrated leisure event experiences in Singapore so as to deliver key tourism outcomes and to contribute towards the agenda of establishing Singapore into one of the world's most vibrant cities.​


The LEF is open to all legal entities (e.g. businesses, companies, associations, government bodies, etc).

Qualifying projects include live consumer event experiences and concepts with tourism potential. 


For more information and any queries on the grant scheme, you may contact the STB Incentive Policy Department at STB_Incentives@stb.gov.sg.

For any feedback or suggestions, you may email the Quality Service Manager at STB_qsm@stb.gov.sg or leave your message here.


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Successful applicants will receive funding support of up to 70% of qualifying third-party costs, subject to STB's evaluation on the tourism merits and scope of the project. Qualifying third-party costs include cost items related to professional services, production and marketing.


Proposed projects will be assessed based on their potential to deliver key tourism outcomes, such as increasing tourism receipts contribution, strengthening destination branding, offering greater authenticity for Singapore and enhancing precinct vibrancy amongst others. 


Interested applicants are requested to contact STB for more information.

Applicants are advised to discuss the proposed project with the officer-in-charge prior to making a formal application. Formal applications must be made on prescribed application forms and submitted to STB.

Project should not commence prior to STB's offer of the grant. Applicants are encouraged to contact STB in advance of project commencement.


Grants will be disbursed to successful applicants on a reimbursement basis, subject to achievement of the agreed project deliverables and milestones. Applicants are required to submit third-party audited documents on qualifying costs for the disbursement of grants, unless otherwise stated.

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