​​​​​​​​​​Programmes for Students & Fresh Graduates

Management Associate Programme | Scholarship Programme | Internship Programme



Management Associate Programme

Th​e 12-month Management Associate Programme offers you the opportunity to gain exposure and build knowledge in various aspects of the tourism sector via:

  • An Onboarding Programme, including a 4-week stint in our Singapore Visitors Centre to interact first-hand with visitors to our country,
  • Two 21-week attachments in any of the Divisions in STB.

​​​​​​“I particularly appreciate the opportunity to experience two different attachments in the Board. Being a fresh graduate, these rotations are extremely useful in helping me build necessary skill sets and knowledge of the tourism sector. While I was given the autonomy to make decisions, there was great support and guidance from the team as well.”

​Jazzy Wong, Management Associ​ate

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be deployed to one of the Divisions (in consideration of organisational needs, your interests and background - education/special skills/knowledge and past work experience) in STB to develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in a specific area.



Prospective candidates should preferably have:

  • ​A 2nd upper Honours degree or equivalent in any discipline and an excellent Co-Curricular Activities track record;
  • Completed internship programme(s) or gone through experiences which demonstrate diverse interests;
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities;
  • A passion for the tourism sector;
  • A thirst for knowledge and be proactive and enterprising

It will also be an advantage to have an astute understanding of the tourism sector, an appreciation of the socio-economic impact of tourism on Singapore and an ardent desire to design and shape the destination experience for tourists and Singaporeans. An ideal candidate must also be able to offer a local and global perspective in his/her everyday work.


There are 3 assessment rounds comprising:

  • Preliminary Interview
  • Assessment Centre (Individual and Group assessment activities)
  • Panel Interview with the Senior Management team

Begin your journey with STB by applying for the Management Associate Programme through Careers@Gov website. Application opens from October 2015 - March 2016.

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Scholarship Programme

To cultivate talent and capability in the tourism sector, STB offers an attractive scholarship programme to tertiary and university students keen to pursue a career in the sector.

Countries of study include, but are not limited to, USA, UK, Japan, and Switzerland while courses of study include, but are not limited to, Business Administration and Management, Economics, Marketing, Hospitality & Tourism Management and International Relations.

​​​​​​“My current stint at the Travel Agents and Tourist Guides Division affirms my belief that nature of our work at STB, in addition to being fun and dynamic, is meaningful as it directly impacts the lives of people in our society. I am fortunate to work with a wonderful team of people in STB who have an unwavering commitment to make policy decisions that have real and positive impact on the lives of Singaporeans.”

​Wan Qian Ling, Current Scholar

The STB Scholarship covers:

  • Actual cost of tuition, examinations & related fees
  • Monthly maintenance allowance
  • Pre-studies allowance
  • Trip allowances
  • Language study fees (where applicable)
  • Summer/Exchange Programme (subject to approval)
  • Masters/Postgraduate studies (subject to approval)
  • Any other compulsory application fees


Prospective candidates should preferably have:

  • An excellent academic records
  • An excellent record of Co-Curricular Activities; and
  • A strong interest in Tourism and desire to contribute positively to Singapore's economy

Candidates should also demonstrate traits aligned to our Corporate Values of Integrity, Team, Courage, Care, Passion and Fun!

There are two cycles for applications:

  1. Early Cycle (1st run): Opens Oct – Candidates should apply with preliminary grades (Applications usually close by 31 Oct)
  2. Main Cycle (2nd run): Opens March/April (After release of 'A' Level results) (Applications close 2 weeks after the release of 'A' Level results)


There are usually four assessment rounds comprising:

  • Preliminary Interview
  • Assessment Centre (Individual & Group assessment activities)
  • First panel interview with Executive Directors/ Assistant Chief Executives
  • Final panel interview with Chief Executive and Executive Director, Human Resources

Begin your journey with STB by applying for the STB Scholarship via BrightSparks website. Application opens in October 2015.

 FAQ_STB Scholarship.pdf 


Internship Programme

The STB Internship programme aims to provide a meaningful and relevant work experience with the right balance of on-the-job training, mentoring and networking opportunities. Through a wide range of challenging and dynamic projects, you will acquire a better understanding of STB’s day-to-day operations and businesses. All our interns receive a competitive monthly allowance.

Interns who perform well during the internship programme will be offered an opportunity to proceed to the second stage of the Management Associate Programme selection process, the Assessment Centre.


STB Internships are offered once a year to Local/Overseas University Students, for a period of at least 10 weeks:

  1. Internship Period: May to August
  2. For Overseas University Students: June - September
  3. Long-term Internship: May - early December

Prospective candidates should preferably have:

  • Good Co-Curricular Activities record;
  • Good academic results;
  • Met the requirements for the projects as specified;
  • A positive attitude and strong interest in Tourism

We are looking for well-rounded individuals - team players and progressive thinkers with effective communication skills.

Students can submit your resumes through your school portal. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview through which we would like to find out more about you, your experiences, values, goals and interests. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about us too.

Successful candidates will receive a written offer of internship.

Be part of a dynamic team by applying for an internship with us .

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