1. Objective

The Marketing Partnership Programme (MPP) is part of STB’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan. 

Open to inbound travel agents with at least 50% of their revenue from inbound traffic, the Programme aims to support inbound travel agents in their international marketing initiatives, maintain their international presence, and drive tourists’ demand during recovery.  

2. Qualifying Costs and Support Level

       a. Up to $40,000 per Inbound Travel Agent 

       b. Funding supports 70% of qualified third party marketing costs.

Qualifying Costs*

Support Level

Marketing Costs   

1. Production costs of marketing assets such as online & offline advertisements, videos, flyers and posters.

2. Media buys.

3. Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

    i. Airfare (Economy class)

    ii. Accommodation

    iii. Engagement Fees

4. Overseas Media

      i. Airfare (Economy class)

      ii. Accommodation


Overseas Tradeshows & Roadshows                  

5. Airfare (Economy class)

6. Third party accommodation (Capped at $200 per night)

7. Registration fees for tradeshows / roadshows


Up to a maximum of 2 persons per company per trip                       

Audit Fees   

8. Costs of auditing fees on claims submitted.

9. Claims are required to be audited by an authorised third party auditor before submission for re-imbursement.

100% (Capped at $2,000 per audit)

Max of 2 audits per application. Reimbursement of audit fees is in addition to the total funds awarded to each company. 

*Qualifying costs must be incurred and paid within the Campaign Qualifying Period (Between the date of the signed STB's Letter of Award and 31 December 2021, both dates inclusive)

3. Non-Qualifying Costs 

i. Creative/Media/PR Agency-on-Retainer (AOR) fees.

ii. Manpower costs such as engagement of temporary and contract staff. 

iii. Product and price subsidies or discounts. 

iv. STB-supported familiarisation trips and tradeshows/roadshows.

v. Domestic Marketing Costs 

vi. Marketing costs that are already receiving other grants from STB/other government agencies.

4. Deliverables

i. Deliverables will be pegged to key execution milestones as outlined in the approved marketing plans. 

ii. Supporting fund will be pro-rated for partially fulfilled plans.

5. Reporting

To help us to assess the effectiveness of MPP and to effect future refinement, awarded companies are required to submit the following indicators on a monthly basis, until 31 December 2021:

i. Marketing Campaign KPIs

ii. Number of leads generated

iii. Number of customer bookings 

iv. Sales Revenue from inbound tourists (S$)

6. Disbursement of Funds 

Disbursement will be done in two stages to relieve cash flow pressure.

i. First disbursement: mid-way of the campaign period.

ii. Final disbursement: after the campaign. 

Invoices need to be audited by a third party auditor before submission to STB.

7. Key Dates 

Approval lead time: 5-10 working days.

Awarded quantum, deliverables, reporting and disbursement milestones will be detailed in a Letter of Award (LOA) upon approval.

Activities Key Dates
Submission of Application Applications must reach STB by 30 September 2020.
Qualifying Campaign Period From date of STB's Letter of Award (LOA) to 31 December 2021
Submission of Claims

1st submission: Mid way of the campaign 

Final submission: 3 months after the end of the campaign or by 31 March 2022. 


8. Additional Funding Booster: Collaborate for Success

STB would like to encourage industry players to collaborate across sectors, pull your resources together and think creatively on how to sharpen our competitive edge and increase our value proposition.

Additional funding booster will be awarded for such cross-sector collaborations. Quantum will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the creativity of the collaboration and the impact of the collaboration to tourism (inbound).

For example, hotels, attractions, MICE venues in the same precinct may want to come together to develop an integrated marketing plan and create interesting content that tells the story of the entire precinct. 

Your plan may creatively include other partners such as malls, travel agents, tour guides, etc. to beef up your value proposition.

9. Apply Now 

Please fill up the application form here

10. Useful Documents  

-          Slides for Inbound Travel Agents Sector 

-          FAQs for Inbound Travel Agents Sector  

11. Contact Information 

If you have any queries, please contact

For feedback and suggestions, you may email the quality service manager at or leave your message here.