What is MIP?

The Marketing Innovation Programme (MIP) is an initiative that aims to inspire a culture of innovation and experimentation, by supporting great marketing ideas that inspire and deliver impactful results.

Programme Support

MIP offers a funding of 50% of qualified marketing costs, capped at S$300,000 (excluding GST) per campaign!

Types of Marketing costs which are eligible for support:

  • Creative production of assets & collaterals
  • Marketing-related cost of publicity events & activation
  • Talent engagement
  • Media Buys

When can you sign up?

Applications for MIP 2019 are not yet open at the moment. For more information, please drop an email to for further enquiries.

Who is eligible?

The Marketing Innovation Programme is open to all Singapore-registered organizations looking to push the boundaries of creative marketing.

Foreign organizations may participate, but the application must be made by the locally-registered office. ​

Campaigns can be executed in Singapore or overseas. Submitted campaigns must be executed within the stipulated campaign qualifying period.

How will submissions be evaluated?



Stage one: Shortlisting

Applicants will be shortlisted based on the following criteria:


Relevance in telling a great Singapore story.


Target audience that is aligned with STB’s priority markets and segments



Stage two: Judging

Shortlisted applicants will be required to make a presentation to a judging panel. Proposals will be judge based on the following criteria:



40% Innovativeness


40% Potential Impact


20% Feasibility

How bold, differentiated and imaginative the proposal is, including:

  • Innovative use of insights and data
  • Application of new or emerging technologies
  • Use of traditional media in a refreshing and unexpected manner

Ability of the proposal to achieve outcomes, including:

  • Strengthen destination awareness and advocacy
  • Increase destination recall, appeal, and consideration to visit
  • Boost visitorship and post arrival tourist spend

Viability of the proposal, including:    

  • Reasonableness of project budget
  • Feasibility of execution plan and timeline
  • Ability to achieve desired outcomes (e.g. sufficient scale)

How can you apply?

All applications (hard and soft copy) must be submitted to STB. Kindly refer to the Terms & Conditions before submitting your application.


Step one: Email

  • Proposal in any format
  • Submission documents.
    You may download the full sets of the form here

Step two: Mail

  • Proposal in any format
  • Submission documents.


Subject title

Marketing innovation Programme - (your organization name)

Mail to

Box No.16
Singapore Tourism Board
Tourism Court, 1 
Orchard Spring Lane
Singapore 247729


Refer to our list of Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the MIP secretariat at

More about STB’s Marketing Strategy 2020 and MIP

In response to an increasingly challenging and competitive tourism landscape, there is a greater need for STB to evolve its marketing further to better capitalize on fast-changing trends and new opportunities. In April 2016, STB shared its Marketing Strategy 2020 which charts our marketing approach to achieve a vision of “Agile, bold and creative destination marketing that inspires and delivers results”. The strategy comprises the following three strategic thrusts:

  1. Telling a Great Singapore Story
  2. Targeting the Right Fans
  3. Enhancing Our Delivery

The above calls upon both STB and our industry stakeholders to re-imagine, disrupt and set new benchmarks for destination marketing.

The pilot phase of MIP was thus conceived in 2017, to encourage a culture of innovation and experimentation in marketing amongst stakeholders, by seeking out and amplifying innovative destination marketing ideas, that feature a great Singapore story and demonstrate potential to drive tourism outcomes for Singapore.