Advisory for Hotels in Phase 2


1.    The Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) announced on 19 May 2020 that Singapore would exit the Circuit Breaker from 2 June and resume activities in three phases. On 15 June, the MTF announced that Phase 2 will commence on 19 June 2020. More businesses will be allowed to resume activities in a phased and controlled manner and subject to Safe Management Measures (“SMMs”) being implemented to provide a safe environment for both customers and workers, so as to minimise the risk of a COVID-19 resurgence.

2.    In Phase 2, a more cautious approach will be taken for higher risk activities, which typically involve large numbers of people interacting with one another, often in enclosed spaces, and over prolonged periods. Some activities of the hotels sector fall under this category.

3.    The Singapore Tourism Board (“STB”), Ministry of Trade and Industry (“MTI”), Enterprise Singapore (“ESG”), and Ministry of Health (“MOH”) have drawn up SMMs specifically for hotels. Hotels, including Migrant Worker Decant Hotels (“MWD”), Stay-Home-Notice Dedicated Facilities (“SDFs”), Government Quarantine Facilities (“GQFs”), and Swab Isolation Facilities (“SIFs”)[1] must comply with the latest requirements for Safe Management Measures (“SMMs”) found in the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020 found at (“Control Order”). The information in this advisory supersedes that in previous advisories or statements.

4.    The following activities listed in para 4.1 to 4.6 have been allowed to resume from 19 June 2020, subject to sector-specific SMMs and appropriate conditions being in place:

4.1.           Dine-in services for F&B establishments, F&B establishments must adhere to ESG’s latest advisory on SMMs for F&B establishments.

4.2.           Gyms and pools, subject to adherence to the Sport Singapore’s (“Sports SG”) latest measures on SMMs for sports facilities.

4.3.           Spas, subject to adherence to ESG’s latest advisory on SMMs for retail establishments.

4.4.           Gatherings of 5 or fewer persons[2], subject to adherence to mandatory SMMs in this advisory.

4.5.           Marriage solemnisations and wedding receptions of ≤ 100 pax[3] for each solemnisation/ reception, subject to adherence to mandatory SMMs in this advisory.

4.6.           Classes/ Training organised by a permitted enterprise e.g., Training and professional development of ≤ 50 pax including the trainer[4], subject to adherence to mandatory SMMs in this advisory.

4.7.           Work-related events are permitted to be held outside of workplaces/own premises, with up to 50 persons at any time or the maximum number of individuals which the room or venue may accommodate if there is a distance of  at least 1 metre between any 2 individuals, whichever is lower; and at least 1 metre spacing between individuals at all times. Work-related events include consumer-facing events (such as product launches / branding events) and work meetings (among colleagues or with external parties, training, board meetings, HR talks, townhalls, seminars, corporate retreats, conferences on business strategies, Annual/Extraordinary General Meetings, tender briefings to vendors and award ceremonies). More details on MTF’s announcement is available at and FAQs on Ministry of Manpower’s Workplace SMMs are available at

4.8           Live performances with up to two zones of 50 audience members will be allowed from 1 November 2020. Safe management measures such as limits on the number of production crew and performers who can be unmasked, and safe distancing on stage, backstage, between the performers and audience, and amongst the audience must continue to be observed. For full details, please refer to

5.    In Phase 2, hotels may apply to the Singapore Tourism Board (“STB’) to resume provision of accommodation to guests for the purposes of leisure (e.g., staycations).

6.    Any hotels that wish to apply to resume these activities must comply with the SMMs found within Annex A.



7.    Prior to resuming the activities in para. 5, hotels must submit their application to STB for assessment. STB will process these applications from the date of this advisory, and hotels may resume these business activities and related marketing efforts only after receiving approval from MTI.

8.    The detailed guidelines in this advisory are to help hotels develop their plans and implement the necessary SMMs for the activities in para. 5. These plans will have to be tailored to the specific nature of operations in each hotel, and potential risk factors arising from localised factors such as the hotel’s physical premises and layout, environment, scale of hotel, and typical guest behaviour.

9.    Hotels must also address key outcomes in their application to reduce potential transmission risks and support contact tracing efforts. Risk factors for hotels to consider include proximity between guests, propensity for crowds to form, level of activity and number of high-touch surfaces.

10.  Each hotel’s application must show how the hotel will achieve all the following key outcomes:


1.    Ability to meet density requirements

  • Limit occupancy to no more than 1 person per 10sqm guest-accessible public space per person (excluding hotel staff) at any point in time
  • Implement more stringent safe management measures at areas where guests and staff spend more time, as opposed to areas which see more transient traffic

2.    Reduce face-to-face mingling among guests, between employees and between staff and guests

  • Stagger timings for guests to be at hotel lobby and guest facilities, and employees at back of house work environment
3.    Ability to disperse crowds and prevent bunching
4.    Mandatory implementation of SafeEntry and encourage use of Trace Together
5.    Implement rigorous cleaning and disinfecting regimes, particularly for high touch elements


12.  Please refer to Annex A, which contains the procedure, checklist, photographic requirements, and documentation needed for application submission. While the majority of the SMMs in Annex A are drawn from the Control Order and are summarised for the convenience of hotels, the Control Order will prevail in case of any inconsistency. Hotels’ applications must adhere to the Control Order in order to be considered for re-opening in Phase 2, as well as additional requirements also incorporated in Annex A.

13.  Hotels must submit to an inspection scheduled and conducted by STB as part of the assessment process.

14.  Hotels must submit the applications to STB via STB and MTI will take up to 14 working days to assess each application.

15.  Hotels whose applications are approved must,

15.1.        Submit a set of required data every Friday before 10am. Submissions are to be made at Information collected will be used only as internal reference for public policy purposes, and will not be shared with other hotels; and

15.2.        Inform STB whenever there is a positive COVID-19 case at the Hotel[5]. Submissions are to be made at

16.  Hotels are required to submit via the number of workers who are working on-site within 2 weeks of the date of resumption of on-site operations for staycation following approval from MTI.


17.  Please refer to the table below on business activities that may be allowed to resume in hotels that are currently serving as MWDs, SDFs, GQFs, and SIFs. Hotels’ requests to resume these business activities will be subject to assessment and approval by the relevant authorities.

Business activities

Assessments and approval required

F&B Dine-in, takeaway, delivery

Subject to assessment and approval by the relevant authorities.

Hotels to submit requests and the following plans to the respective officer from SLA that your hotel has been liaising with:

  • Physical premise segregation and security plans
  • Other safe management measures to provide a safe environment for customers and workers

Ballrooms/ Function rooms/ other amenities (Spa/ Gym/ Swimming pool etc.)

Providing accommodation to guests for the purposes of leisure (e.g., staycations)

Subject to STB’s assessment and MTI’s approval of application. See paragraphs 7 to 15 on application details.


18.  Government agencies will also be stepping up enforcement to ensure that businesses comply with the required SMMs. Under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act passed in Parliament on 7 April 2020, first-time offenders will face a fine of up to S$10,000, imprisonment of up to six months, or both. Repeat offenders may face a fine of up to S$20,000, imprisonment of up to twelve months, or both. Further, other levers under the Act, such as closure of the premises, may be used against hotels that are found to be non-compliant.

19.  Businesses that do not comply with the government’s safe distancing advisories may also be ineligible for government grants, loans, tax rebates and other assistance.

Annex A – Application to resume operations in providing accommodation to guest (including for purposes of leisure)

Annex B – Application Form Template



Updated as of 29 October 2020


[1] Hotels contracted for government uses for COVID-19 purposes i.e. MWDs, SDFs, GQFs, and SIFs are to refer to table under Paragraph 17 for overview on types of business activities that may resume, subject to approval from relevant authorities.

[2] Excludes hotel staff. See exceptions in para. 4.5 and 4.6.

[3] Excluding the Solemniser (for solemnisation), vendors and premise staff. Vendors and premise staff should be kept to the minimum required.

[4] Excludes hotel staff.

[5] Includes guests and visitors that have patronised or visited the hotel, and employees.