New forum series combines travel insights with expert opinions to rally and reimagine the global tourism industry


The inaugural SingapoReimagine Global Conversations will spotlight different topics with speakers from across various industries. These include (from top; left to right): Felix Loh, Chief Executive Officer, Gardens by the Bay; Michael Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Hustle & Bustle; Charu Kokate, Principal & Director, Safdie Architects; Chong Siak Ching, Chief Executive Officer, National Gallery Singapore; Santoz Kumar, Director of Sales for Asia, Ironman Group; Mathias Kuepper, Managing Director, Koelnmesse; Christian Westbeld, Managing Director, Raffles Singapore; Jessica Tang, Senior Consultant, WGSN; Hossan Leong, Creative Director, Double Confirm Productions.

Singapore, 8 September 2021 – The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) today launched SingapoReimagine Global Conversations, a new forum series that puts industry game-changers on the global stage. Featuring speakers across different sectors, disciplines and locations, the series outlines new travel experiences and business models that demonstrate how the travel industry has innovated and adapted for the future.

STB Chief Executive Mr Keith Tan said: “The needs and expectations of travellers are changing significantly. As borders gradually reopen around the world, the tourism industry must work together to innovate, develop solutions and reimagine what the new travel experience can and should be. With SingapoReimagine Global Conversations, we hope to provide a platform for such innovation, and a voice for leaders in the tourism sector and beyond.”

SingapoReimagine Global Conversations is a key part of STB’s SingapoReimagine initiative, which was launched last year to affirm the destination’s commitment to shape a new standard for travel, through safety, technology, experiences and sustainability.

The series comprises three key forums, with overseas adaptations. The first forum – titled “Reimagine Experiences” – is available on-demand in four video episodes released weekly on STB’s website and YouTube channel starting today. The episodes will tap into the top minds in tourism and lifestyle, through a rich blend of interviews, rapid-fire questions, and data insights, to inspire new collaborations and ideas.

The other two forums, which will focus on the themes of travel journeys as well as sustainability and wellness, will be introduced later this year and in the first half of 2022.

SingapoReimagine Global Conversations: Topics and Speakers



Launch Dates


Reimagine Experiences

1.      Understanding the New Traveller

A data-driven consumer insight study on the new post-pandemic traveller, featuring:

  • Jessica Tang, Senior Consultant, WGSN
  • Jason Loe, Founder, Tribe
  • Tiago Correia, Director, Warner Music Group
  • Krystal Tan, Founder, Blue Sky Escapes

8 Sep 2021

2.      A Whole New (Phygital) World

The convergence of digitalisation and experiences to address business needs of today and tomorrow, featuring:

  • Mathias Kuepper, Managing Director, Koelnmesse 
  • Santoz Kumar, Director of Sales for Asia, Ironman Group
  • Chong Siak Ching, Chief Executive Officer, National Gallery Singapore

15 Sep 2021

3.      Travel By Design

An unexpected, unique perspective on travel experiences through design and architecture, featuring:

  • Charu Kokate, Principal & Director, Safdie Architects

22 Sep 2021

4.      Handshake of Possibilities

Learn about new tourism concepts and offerings arising from novel partnerships, featuring:

  • Christian Westbeld, Managing Director, Raffles Singapore
  • Felix Loh, Chief Executive Officer, Gardens by the Bay
  • Hossan Leong, Creative Director, Double Confirm Productions
  • Michael Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Hustle & Bustle

29 Sep 2021


Reimagine Travel Journeys

  • Highlights partnerships and new solutions designed around the traveller and their future standards of health, safety, privacy and travel reassurance – to facilitate a frictionless journey.

Q4 2021


Reimagine Sustainability and Wellness

  • Showcases efforts and commitment towards addressing the growing traveller’s need to “travel good and travel well”.

1H 2022


Inaugural Forum Unveils New Traveller Profiles: The Wander Must, Mindful Explorer and Slow Pacer

In the first episode, global trend forecaster and data partner WGSN[1] unveils deeper insights into three future traveller profiles that will influence the future of the travel industry, as well as actionable steps for industry stakeholders. The three profiles are:

1. The Wander Must – Early adopters of technology and digital experiences who are ready to rediscover the joys of travelling.

2. The Mindful Explorer – Nature and outdoor lovers who are conscious of the fragility of our systems, are likely to make sustainable choices, and seek meaningful connections with the local environment and its people.

3. The Slow Pacer – Travellers who place great importance on recharging, and seek wellness destinations to enhance their physical, emotional and mental well-being, to become better versions of themselves.

More information on WGSN’s report can be found in Annex A.

Reimagining Tourism Across Industries

“Reimagine Experiences” will spotlight different topics with featured speakers from across the attractions, design, entertainment, events, hospitality, sports, technology, and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) industries, including:

  • Warner Music Group which brings together artists, songwriters, and entrepreneurs that are moving entertainment culture across the globe; 
  • Blue Sky Escapes, a Virtuoso™ travel and lifestyle company that specialises in unlocking extraordinary experiences around the world; 
  • Local experience curator Tribe[2]; 
  • National Gallery Singapore, an art museum that is taking the gallery experience beyond its walls with new “phygital” offerings; 
  • Sporting events organiser IRONMAN Group[3], which implemented Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon’s first-ever hybrid race format in 2020; 
  • Koelnmesse, one of the world’s largest trade fair companies[4] and organiser of gamescom asia, the first satellite event of the world’s biggest gaming festival; 
  • Safdie Architects, recipient of the President*s Design Award 2020, and the design brains behind Jewel Changi Airport;
  • Raffles Singapore and Double Confirm Productions[5] & Sight Lines Entertainment, which collaborated to produce a first-of-its-kind interactive virtual play within the hotel’s premises; 
  • Gardens by the Bay and Hustle & Bustle[6], which collaborated to bring "Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom" exhibition to Singapore's premier horticultural destination. The exhibition is American sculptor Dale Chihuly's first major garden exhibition in Asia.

Mr Mathias Kuepper, Managing Director, Koelnmesse, said: “The pandemic has spurred the events industry to embrace digital innovations at an accelerated rate, to remain relevant to our evolving target markets. Many organisers have married online and offline worlds to create a phygital experience, but as we move forward, we need to continuously transform our business models to adapt to new consumer needs. We look forward to discussing and discovering more about the upcoming tech trends and possibilities the industry has to offer at Global Conversations.”

Ms Charu Kokate, Principal & Director, Safdie Architects, said: “As we emerge from the lockdown and isolation that have affected people in every part of the world, we are honoured to be part of Global Conversations discussing special projects like Jewel Changi Airport which are designed for tourists and the local residents. At Safdie Architects, we are committed to architecture that is informed by the geographic, social, and cultural elements that define a place; and also responds to human needs and aspirations. We truly believe that as architects, we are responsible for shaping not only a project’s programme, but also its larger civic role of enriching and enlivening the community and fostering public life. During COVID-19, it has become clear that people both need and desire to experience nature and immerse themselves in environments that help them rejuvenate. As we move forward into a post-pandemic world, it is the ideas we generate together that will help us to envision a stronger, safer and more connected world.”

Ms Krystal Tan, Founder of Blue Sky Escapes, said: “Whilst the pandemic has had its challenges, it has also catalysed a kind of awakening in society, with more people beginning to question their place in the world and becoming more aware of the importance of mental and emotional well-being. At Blue Sky Escapes, we have seen growing demand for our self-exploratory wellness retreats, and we look forward to learning more about the latest traveller trends at Global Conversations which would certainly help uplift the industry in innovating and reimagining its offerings."

Taking The Conversations Global

To further discussions on reinventing the travel experience, SingapoReimagine Global Conversations will be rolled out in overseas markets in localised formats. These include:



Launch Date


SingapoReimagine Global Conversations in partnership with The New Yorker Festival, featuring a moderated panel session on food and sustainability.



STB China MICE conference, which will include a panel discussion on topics such as tech-enabled experiences and sustainability.


UK & Dubai

Panel session on sustainable travel and building liveable cities.



For more information on the first forum – “Reimagine Experiences” – refer to Annex B.

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[1] WGSN is a consumer forecaster that provides global trend insights and industry expertise to help innovators optimise their products and services.

[2] Tribe is committed to delivering the best stories and local experiences to guests. Its signature tour experience involves hands-on activities together with local experts and well-researched themes. Tribe seeks out unique spots, rich untold stories and forge relationships with local insiders. At the heart of it, Tribe’s raison d'etre is to make unforgettable memories one tour at a time.

[3] The IRONMAN Group is the largest operator of mass participation sports in the world and runs a global portfolio of events that includes the IRONMAN® Triathlon Series, IRONKIDS®, Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon and other multisport races.

[4] Koelnmesse’s events include various leading global trade fairs across 25 sectors, such as digital media, entertainment, interior design, food, food technology and more.  

[5] Double Confirm Productions is a creative entertainment company founded and led by Singapore theatre veteran and media personality Hossan Leong.

[6] Hustle & Bustle is an integrated lifestyle group that helps clients build brand loyalty through event technology solutions, community-building initiatives and more.


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