Singapore, 8 March 2012 – Following the ‘New Discoveries’ marketing campaign launch in China last December, the Singapore Tourism Board(STB) continues the roll-out of its differentiated marketing campaigns with the launch today of the ‘Get Lost and find the Real Singapore’campaign in Sydney, Australia. Like the China campaign, the Australia campaign is based on a new marketing approach that is focused on an understanding of consumer needs in key visitor-source markets.

“A deeper understand​​​ing of consumers in Australia has enabled us to build a customised and differentiated marketing campaign that will allow us to better engage with them. Such an approach will also help us to develop and deliver better quality experiences to Australians in the longer term. This visitor-centricity is the heart of the YourSingapore destination brand, which invites travellers to create their own memorable Singapore experience when they are here.” said Ms Sophia Ng, Assistant Chief Executive of Marketing at the Singapore Tourism Board.

Changing Perceptions of Australian consumers

Through in-market engagements with consumers and travel partners, it was found that while most Australians perceived Singapore as a stopover destination, those who had visited the city in the past three years were pleasantly surprised by the multitude of cultural and heritage gems, diverse food experiences and vibrant nightlife that were interspersed amidst Singapore’s eclectic streetscape. They were also delighted at how the city has transformed while retaining the convenience and safe environment that allowed them to experience the city’s diverse offerings on their own, an aspect that resonates well with Australians’ preferred style of free-and-easy travel.

“We want to showcase the city’s heady mix of cutting-edge offerings, rich cultural heritage and niche attractions, and delectable spread of multi-ethnic cuisines, and in doing so, appeal to Australians’ sense of adventure to explore and discover all these for themselves,” said Ms Ng. “A new found appreciation of what Singapore has evolved to be today will also give them plenty of reasons to visit, and re-visit our city. In time to come, we would like Australians to associate Singapore with more than just chilli crabs and Singapore slings.”

Get Lost and Find the Real Singapore

The ‘Get Lost and Find the Real Singapore’ marketing campaign is deliberately designed to positively shift Australians’ entrenched perceptions of Singapore by spurring multiple conversations about the city as a leisure destination. It appeals to the Australians’ sense of humour by relying on an often-heard local phrase, “Get Lost”, used in jest. Elaborated Ms Ng, “Through some tongue-in-cheek humour, we want to inject a touch of local culture while suggesting at the same time that Singapore holds much potential for visitors keen to explore at their own pace. We certainly hope that they’ll come over and take time to “get lost” while discovering the lesser known but fascinating sides of Singapore. From participating in festival traditions such as yu sheng tossing to shopping amongst the boutiques of Haji Lane to feasting on local delights like satay, our Australian friends can literally “get lost” for days!

The marketing campaign will kick off with the airing of the ‘Get Lost and find the real Singapore’ cinema ads in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth from today. The campaign will be further sustained by digital, PR and social media activities in the coming months, with each platform promoting a refreshing alternative aspect of Singapore to challenge what many Australians know or perceive of the destination currently.

About the Singapore Tourism Board

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