Following yesterday’s announcement that all entertainment venues will be closed from 26 March, 2359 hours till 30 April, we are aware a number of nightlife operators intend to host “farewell” events tonight that could result in large numbers of people congregating.

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce’s decision to enforce stricter safe distancing measures aims to significantly reduce the risks of seeding new local COVID-19 clusters, which could strain our healthcare system further.

From now until the stricter measures kick in on 26 March 2020, 2359 hours, nightlife operators must continue to strictly implement safe distancing measures announced by the Ministry of Health on 20 March 2020. Events with 250 or more participants must be suspended, while operators of events with fewer than 250 participants must implement all necessary precautionary measures, including ensuring a distance of at least a metre between all participants and reduce mingling amongst participants.

These safe distancing measures are enforceable. Officers from government agencies including the Singapore Police Force will be on the ground to monitor the situation and carry out enforcement action over the next two days. The Traffic Police will also be conducting island-wide enforcement operations against drink-driving during this period. We will not hesitate to take action against anyone who fails to comply.

During this time, we appeal to Singaporeans to exercise good judgement and social responsibility. This will play an important part in keeping fellow Singaporeans and our loved ones safe in the midst of this global pandemic.