12 Nov 2020

STB Central and Southern Europe in Germany offers the opportunity for the travel trade in Singapore to advertise in their popular print and online German language Singapore magazine 2021/22.

The magazine will comprise of approximately 50 high-quality pages (including approx. 15 % space for advertisements). High quality photos, inspiring texts, that will partly be taken from website plus stories by qualified travel writers are to be included. Statements from or interviews with expats, KOLĀ“s and the introduction of brand personalities shall be part of the magazine for a varied reading experience. Skilled graphic designers will transform the provided material into a new Singapore Magazine 2021/22 (print and digital) with 100% new content, whose rights will lay with STB.

The magazine will be published in March 2021 and shall be valid for one year with a print run of 7,500 and the digital version is expected to generate 2,500 downloads. The magazine addresses the German travel trade and direct consumers alike and will be distributed directly as well as during road shows and travel fairs.

Due to the tough COVID-19 situation for Singaporean stakeholders, STB will only charge a reduced rate for the advertisements. Instead of charging the average in-market rate of EUR4,000.00 (SGD6,372.80) for one full page and EUR2,000.00 (SGD3,186.40) for a half page, STB will only bill participating parties one fourth of the price. The reduction averages out at 75 % below costs for comparable adverts in comparable publications with similar print-run.

Size of Advertisement

Cost SGD*

Cost EUR*

Full Page



Half Page




EUR1.00 = SGD1.5932 as per 10 Nov 2020

The advertisement/advertorial needs to be delivered ready to use/print.


Contact for any queries.