Dear Industry Partners,



25 – 26 November 2020


Greetings from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB)!

As part of the Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) efforts to maintain Singapore’s visibility as a tourism destination and facilitate networking for local travel trade during the COVID-19 period, STB will be co-organising TravelRevive 2020 with Messe Berlin.

We would like to invite you to join us as one of our co-exhibitors.

1.       Brief Background on TravelRevive 2020

1.1     TravelRevive 2020 – powered by ITB Asia & Singapore Tourism Board (co-organised by both STB and Messe Berlin) is a 2 day B2B tradeshow for the travel industry. It is expected to welcome 150 hosted buyers from countries across Asia.

1.2     Potentially the first travel industry hybrid tradeshow in Asia Pacific (with international attendees) since the start of COVID-19, TravelRevive 2020 seeks to provide a platform that trials safe business events as well as safe itineraries. It will also bring international delegates and businesses together to exchange ideas, bridge knowledge gaps, and reimagine how the future of travel will look like.

1.3     More information can be found in the press released attached.

2.       Join us at TravelRevive 2020

2.1     STB would like to invite hotels, attractions, DMCs, cruises, as well as tour operators to register with us for TravelRevive 2020.

2.2     As a participant, you will have the opportunity to interact with Buyers and partners from around Asia, in a safe environment.

2.3     As a participant, you will also receive an appointment set that allows you to conduct business matching with Messe Berlin’s comprehensive Buyers list during the tradeshow.

2.4     To support the travel industry’s recovery, participation will either be complimentary or subsidised. Costs related to basic branding of your exhibitor booth and meeting pod will also be absorbed by STB.

2.5     There will be a total of 25 booths up for balloting - 15 complimentary booths offered by STB and 10 booths will have 50% subsidy from STB for participating costs.

2.6     The following items will be covered by STB (see “Graphic Printing Option” attachment):

2.6.1   Graphic prints for Fascia: Option 2

2.6.2   Graphic prints for Counter: Option 1 + 2

2.6.3   Graphic prints for Meeting Pod: entitlement as indicated on page 8 (not to be confused with option 1)

2.7      For additional branding items, at your own cost, please contact PICO directly (email as provided in the attachment).

2.8      To ensure maximum safety for all participations, all exhibitors at TravelRevive 2020 will have 1 x meeting pod and 1 x exhibitor booth, each at different sections of the exhibition hall. Safety measures can be referenced below with the images attached. Pre-scheduled meetings will take place in the meeting pod, while general walk-ins by attendees of the tradeshow will be handled at the exhibitor booth.

Exhibitor booth: 18sqm
Meeting pod: 9sqm


(Artist’s impression for reference, subject to changes)

3.       Registration Eligibility and Procedures

3.1     There will be two balloting rounds.

3.2     There first round of balloting will be for the 15 complimentary booths offered by STB. The second round of balloting will be for the 10 booths with 50% STB subsidy. The second round of balloting will only commence once the 15 complimentary booths have been fully allocated.

3.3      In the application link, you will be asked to indicate if you would also like to be considered for the second round of balloting, in the event that you were unsuccessful in the first ballot. Please indicate your reference. Please indicate your preference under item 9 of FormSG registration form.

3.4      Companies who have been successful in the ballot for one of the free 15 booths and pods will not be considered for the ballot for one of the 10 booths and pods under STB’s 50% reduction in participation fees.

3.5      By registering your interest to participate, you acknowledge acceptance and compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Participation as enclosed in this email.

3.6      For more information about STB’s Personal Data Protection Policy, please click here.

3.7      Please note that withdrawal upon successful registration will be subjected to penalties as per the Terms and Conditions of Participation.

3.8      The deadline for registration is 23rd October 2020, 12pm (Singapore time). To register your interest, please submit your application via FormSG.

Please click here to access the registration form.

3.9      Successful registrants will be informed by 28th October 2020. The Board reserves the right to decide on the final shortlisted companies.

3.10     Only after receiving a written confirmation of your participation will you be officially registered as an exhibitor at TravelRevive 2020.

3.11     Subsequent instructions will be provided to you thereafter.

3.12     Please note that only companies which sell solely Singapore properties, products and experiences are eligible for the 15 free and 10 50% subsidised exhibitor booths and meeting pods.

4.         Participating Cost for TravelRevive 2020

4.1       Companies that are unsuccessful in the first round of balloting may participate at your own cost with a 50% participation fee subsidised by STB, subject to a second ballot.

4.2       The full participation fee is approximately at S$2,700 and covers the following:



Approximate cost (S$)


1 x exhibitor booth and meeting pod



Graphic prints for Fascia: Option 2



Graphic prints for Counter: Option 1 + 2




50% reduction


4.3       After 50% reduction, STB will invoice you for the other 50% of the cost for items stated in the table above.

Thank you and we look forward to having you with us at TravelRevive 2020.