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​​​Singapore, 30 January, 2015 – Come April 2015, some of Singapore's contemporary creative talents will take to the international stage as part of the travelling showcase "Singapore: Inside Out". These talents and their works will form the core presentation of the showcase as it travels across the globe to Beijing, London and New York City before returning to Singapore. Led by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) as part of SG50 celebrations, Singapore: Inside Out seeks to broaden the international community's perception of Singapore through a diverse presentation of our creative works.

Set within an intricate modular scaffolding structure, some 20 creative groups and individuals will display their works at the heart of Singapore: Inside Out's immersive and multisensory experience. Curated by Singapore: Inside Out creative director Mr Randy Chan, these works, including 15 original commissions, represent a spectrum of creative fields including architecture, design, fashion, film, food & beverage, music, and literary, performing and visual arts. They are the creative talents' exploration of, response to and interpretation of the ideas of the Singapore narrative and collaboration as the country celebrates her golden jubilee.

Through the works, audiences will also be exposed to the contributions of the larger Singapore creative community. For instance, the literary showcase curated by poet Alvin Pang will feature a collection of Singaporean literature, creative materials, personalities and events to reflect Singapore's dynamic literary community, while creative agency Kinetic's multimedia installation will be an amalgamation of the works of 50 creative studios, including Kinetic's own.

"Singapore's creative talents offer unique perspectives and their works not only shape the Singapore story, but are also making an impact overseas. Through Singapore: Inside Out, we are inviting more people to get to know this side of Singapore," said Mr Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive, STB. 

Singapore: Inside Out is also a platform to demonstrate the strong collaborative spirit of Singapore's creative community.

A case in point is the collaborative effort of choreographer Lee Mun Wai from T.H.E Dance Company, Elyn Wong, designer of art fashion label Stolen, architect Chang Yong Ter, and audio-visual collective Syndicate. What started as a chance encounter between dance, fashion, architecture and music will evolve into a layered performance and installation. Visitors to Singapore: Inside Out will be able to experience their works individually or as a collective expression.

Details on the 20 confirmed participating creative talents and their works are in Annex A.                                   

"These twenty groups and individuals were carefully selected to help to build an experiential journey through which audiences will be able to discover new perspectives of Singapore and glean insights into the conversations and influences that define Singapore's creative culture today. I hope that visitors to the showcase will appreciate that our talents have risen to Singapore's challenges of size and lack of resources with a spirit of openness to the world, diversity in expression and innovation," said Mr Randy Chan who is also Principal Architect of Zarch Collaboratives, a multi-disciplinary architectural studio.

Beyond the core presentation, visitors can look forward to a myriad of experiences customised for each city ranging from live performances, artists' talks, panel discussions and film screenings featuring Singaporean creative practitioners and their international contemporaries.


To create greater buzz and catalyse longer-term partnerships amongst the local and overseas creative talents beyond its full run, Singapore: Inside Out will also feature a line-up of partner events that offer audiences additional insights into our wider creative scene and our growing pool of talents.

The first of these is a partnership between Beijing's Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Singapore's LASALLE College of the Arts (LASALLE). Students from both institutions will immerse in cross-disciplinary and cultural exchange to jointly create art works that will be presented at Beijing CAFA starting early April this year, and subsequently at LASALLE Singapore in November 2015. Another example of such partnership is with My Humble House in Beijing (by TungLok Group), which will be showcasing menus of both classic and creative takes on signature Singaporean favourites in April 2015.

Other partner events in the areas of arts, food and beverage, music, fashion and retail could see even greater profiling of Singaporean creative talents in the showcase cities. For example, works of Singaporean designers may be stocked at local retailers and Singapore DJs could spin in top clubs of those cities.


On 22 April 2015, Singapore: Inside Out will debut at one of Beijing's leading creative and design clusters, 751 DŸPARK. With its striking Bauhaus-style industrial architecture, 751 DŸPARK hosts a cross section of Beijing's leading art galleries, design studios and fashion houses and has been the venue for major art exhibitions, cultural events and fashion shows. During the five-day presentation, the Locomotive Square within 751 DŸPARK will be transformed into the hub for this dynamic showcase. Please see Annex B​ for the artist impression of the showcase at 751 DŸPARK.

As part of the Beijing presentation, some of the daily activities will include a screening of selected short films by award-winning Singaporean director Royston Tan and a post-screening discussion with Tan and Chinese film producer Qin Yu. Visitors can also look forward to an exciting evening of live music presented by audio-visual collective Syndicate in collaboration with Chinese independent female vocalist and musician – ChaCha.

Singaporean creative practitioners living in each of the international cities are also invited to be part of Singapore: Inside Out. In Beijing, as part of a series on different ways of storytelling, film-maker and new media entrepreneur Tan Siok Siok will be sharing about her project, "The Crowd and I". This will feature an iPhone photo-book publication that was crowdsourced and crowdfunded, the process of which she will also be capturing in a documentary.

"I'm excited to share my latest work as a Singaporean residing in Beijing. My photo book contains images of the Old Beijing hutong, which I took with my iPhone over the past two years. The project is an open-source collaboration in which Chinese from all walks of life alike shared their Beijing stories by captioning the photos and supporting the crowdfunding campaign. I will be documenting this process as an exploration of how crowdfunding is changing China," says Ms Tan.

For more details on the programming highlights of Beijing's presentation, please refer to Annex C.


The Singapore: Inside Out presentation in London will be held at Old Truman Brewery in East London from 24 to 28 June 2015.  It will then travel to Madison Square Park in Manhattan, New York City, from 23 to 27 September 2015.

Singaporeans can then look forward to Singapore: Inside Out's homecoming in an extended ten-day run from 27 November to 6 December 2015. The Singapore presentation will be located in the vibrant Bugis area, at the junction of North Bridge Road and Tan Quee Lan Street.

For more information, please visit:  ​

Please download a zip file containing the Singapore: Inside Out logo and artist impressions of the showcase in high resolution format from this link. Please refer to Annex B for description on the artist impressions. Please credit Singapore Tourism Board for the logo and artist impressions.


Reference materials

Annex ​A: Information on the 20 local creative talents and their works in the core presentation

Annex B: Venues of the Singapore: Inside Out showcase in Beijing, London, New York City and Singapore

Annex C​: Programming highlights of Beijing's presentation [bios + works of Beijing-only activities]

Annex D​: Quotes by industry members and partners

About Singapore: Inside Out - A showcase of Singapore's contemporary creative talents

Singapore: Inside Out is a travelling showcase celebrating Singapore's contemporary creative talents across disciplines, and will travel to Beijing, London and New York City before returning to Singapore.  It aims to broaden the international community's perception of Singapore by showcasing a spectrum of creative talents. As part of the SG50 events for Singapore's golden jubilee, the project is a reflection of the coming of age of local creative talents and their achievements.

About Singapore: Inside Out logo

The logo is an expression of Singapore: Inside Out's distinctive scaffolding, which houses the travelling showcase on its global tour.

The open and porous design of the logo and its intricately constructed intersecting lines suggest a lattice of collaborations, explorations, exchanges and encounters.


About Singapore Tourism Board

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is a leading economic development agency in tourism, one of Singapore's key service sectors. Known for partnership, innovation and excellence, STB champions tourism, making it a key economic driver for Singapore. We aim to differentiate and market Singapore as a must-visit destination offering a concentration of user-centric and enriching experiences through the "Your Singapore" brand. For more information, please visit or


About Singapore50

Singapore is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence in 2015. To commemorate and celebrate this major milestone in our nation's history, Singaporeans will not only have a say in how the nation celebrates its Golden Jubilee, they will also be invited to plan and organise activities. To guide and coordinate the plans for the 50th anniversary celebrations, a Steering Committee chaired by Minister for Education Heng Swee Keat has been formed. Named the Singapore50 (SG50) Steering Committee, it comprises representatives from the public, private and people sectors. For more information on SG50, please visit​​​