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​​​Message by Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Boar​​d,

at the MOC Signing between the Singapore Tourism Board and

the Japan National Tourism Organisation

At Japan Creative Centre

on Monday, 18 January 2016


His Excellency, the Japan Ambassador to Singapore, Mr Haruhisa Takeuchi

President, JNTO, Mr Ryoichi Matsuyama

Chairman, STB, Mr Chew Choon Seng

Deputy Secretary, MFA, Mr Peter Tan

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,


1.      I am delighted to join you today on this momentous occasion.

2.      Over the last few decades, Japan and Singapore have strengthened our relations through multi-faceted collaborations and regular people-to-people exchanges. Relations between Singapore and Japan are in excellent shape, and we have shared a long history of tourism exchange.

3.      This year marks the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Singapore. My counterpart at the JNTO and I have decided to leverage this celebratory year with a Tourism Memorandum of Cooperation or MOC.  This MOC commits us to work together to deepen our tourism collaboration and improve two-way tourist traffic.

4.      The signing of the MOC signals the start of the year-long celebrations programme that STB and JNTO have curated.   These programme will be carried out with the support of Singapore and Japan stakeholders to deliver attractive deals to our visitors and encourage greater tourism traffic between both countries.

5.      For instance, STB together with Singapore Airlines and Changi Airport have launched a "Double the Miles" campaign for Japanese visitors to Singapore, as well as a "10 times Super Points" online sales promotion with Rakuten Travel.

6.      We are excited to see the private sector jumping onto the SJ50 bandwagon.  Celebrated Singaporean filmmaker, Eric Khoo, will be working on a film featuring the popular Japanese noodles, Ramen. This film, which will be co-produced by Japan and Singapore, will feature a line-up of stars from Singapore and Japan, and is slated to be released in late 2016.

7.      In closing, I would like to say that through our efforts and commitment, we will be able to develop even stronger relationships and friendships between the people of Singapore and Japan.

​Thank you.