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Las Vegas and Singapore, October 11, 2017 – The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Maritz Global Events are partnering to inspire meeting planners on the exciting possibilities of planning business events in Singapore. This collaboration comes on the heels of the recently-launched unified brand, Singapore – Passion Made Possible by STB and the Economic Development Board (EDB). The new brand puts Singapore's unique attitude and mind-set – the passionate spirit of determination and enterprise that constantly pursues possibilities for progress – at the forefront. Passion Made Possible is the embodiment of the country's tenacity to fulfil passions and continually create new possibilities.

The STB-Maritz Global Events partnership comes at a time when business travellers and delegates are, more than ever, seeking more immersive and transformational meeting experiences. The shift towards the "festivalization" of business events – where business and creative, online and offline, education and entertainment converge – has changed how events are programmed. Meeting planners must find novel ways to engage their clients in an increasingly connected and stimulating world, and the partnership will enable meeting planners to be more creative, and push the boundaries of what business events can be.

The partnership will entail Maritz Global Events using its proprietary Experience Design Labs technology and other methods such as in-depth interviews to develop 'personas' based on the passion points of meeting planners, to glean insights into what motivates them. Based on the insights, STB and Maritz Global Events will then leverage the use of virtual reality to create a product that appeals to meeting planners.

Melissa Ow, Deputy Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Board, said, "With the launch of Singapore – Passion Made Possible, we have an invaluable opportunity to extend our U.S. market outreach. We are thus excited to partner with Maritz Global Events to explore the possibilities of how business events can be transformational, and stir the imagination of meeting planners who seek to create more experiential events for their clients."

This partnership marks the first time Maritz Global Events has collaborated with a national tourism organisation on such an initiative. David Peckinpaugh, President, Maritz Global Events, said, "There is a strong alignment between STB's new Passion Made Possible brand and the importance Maritz Global Events places on delivering exceptional experiences. Both embrace experiences and transformation as being cornerstones of a meaningful journey, and we're glad this partnership engages U.S. MICE players in such a creative way. We're excited to pioneer this initiative approach with Singapore and deepen our partnership further."

To complement the U.S. MICE Passion Made Possible announcement, STB has also collaborated with Northstar Meetings Group on a campaign titled "Their Passion Made Your Event Possible", which celebrates the passions of unsung heroes of Singapore's business events industry in the U.S. and Singapore. The campaign invites members of the U.S. meetings industry to nominate and recognise the efforts of their unsung heroes. 

Thereafter, the U.S. and Singapore unsung heroes will have an opportunity to meet with each other in their respective countries. This cross-cultural exchange allows like-minded people to know their counterparts in another country and share their passions with each other – a key facet of Passion Made Possible.  

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​About the Singapore Tourism Board
The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is the lead economic development agency for tourism, one of Singapore's key service sectors. Together with industry partners and the community, we continuously shape a dynamic Singapore tourism landscape. We bring the Passion Made Possible brand to life by differentiating Singapore as a vibrant destination that inspires people to share and deepen their passions. For more information, visit or or follow us on Twitter @STB_sg (

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Maritz Global Events brings together the industry-leading power of Maritz Travel and Experient to transform people and business through the event experience. For decades, our family of brands has been designing and delivering exceptional global experiences to our clients and their guests. As an industry leader, Maritz Global Events leverages its strong global partnerships, cutting-edge technology and negotiating power to provide exceptional event experience to each guest, every time, everywhere. For more information, visit our website or follow us on Twitter @MaritzGlobalEvt.