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13 July 2018 – The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) would like to inform the public that Holdings Ltd [travel agent licence number 02379]("Asiatravel") and its subsidiary companies have been served a Notice of Intent to Suspend on 13 July 2018, in accordance with the Travel Agents Act (Chapter 334). The subsidiaries are AT Reservation Network Pte Ltd [travel agent licence number 01148], AT Express Pte Ltd [travel agent licence number 01470] and S.H. Tours Pte Ltd [travel agent licence number 00790].

The Notice of Intent to Suspend is served on grounds of public interest as the Board notes Asiatravel's auditor's disclaimer of opinion over the continuation of Asiatravel as a going concern in the audited financial statements of the group for the 2017 financial year. The Board is cognisant that Asiatravel and its subsidiaries are unable to fulfil some of their outstanding obligations to their business partners and customers.

Asiatravel and its subsidiaries have 14 days[1] to submit reasons to STB, to show cause against the Notice of Intent to Suspend their travel agent licences. During this period, Asiatravel and its subsidiaries will still be required to ensure that consumer bookings are not affected, and make good all existing obligations to their consumers and industry partners. They are also required to inform all customers of the notice of intent to suspend with immediate effect.

STB takes a serious view against errant travel agents and will not hesitate to take necessary actions to protect the reputation of Singapore's travel industry.

For the most up-to-date list of licensed travel agents in Singapore, please visit the Travel Related Users' System (TRUST) website, Travel agents may also email us at for related licensing queries.

[1] In accordance with the Travel Agents Act, Holdings Ltd will be given till 27 July 2018 to provide reasons to STB against the revocation of their travel agent licence, and should its reasons be turned down by STB, will be granted a further 14 days to submit an appeal to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI).

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