Of People, Passions & Possibilities

Our new brand for Singapore, Passion Made Possible, celebrates the story of our island-state’s ingenuity. It encapsulates the spirit of Singapore, where people with vision and drive forge new possibilities and bring about meaningful change.


This story of Singapore is a story of our past.

With the concerted efforts of our people, Singapore has transformed from a humble trading port to a first-world country in a short span of 52 years. Today, it is known on the global tourism stage for its world-class attractions, rich heritage, exciting food scene, and advanced infrastructure.


This story of Singapore is a story of our people.

Our founding fathers exemplify our passion. Despite the challenges and competing priorities in the early days, they held firmly to their passion for greenery. As they developed a young, independent country with limited natural resources, they also planned for green sanctuaries to be created for Singaporeans and the community, laying the foundations for a City in a Garden. Today, Singapore continues to grow and nurture lush, green spaces, such as the upcoming 150km park connector network across the island.


This story of Singapore is a story we continue to build.

This same fire in the belly has spurred other innovations, including transforming wastewater into high-quality drinking water—putting us on the right track to achieving water self-sufficiency by 2060. We remain driven by our passion and tenacity to create a better Singapore for all, and turn dreams into reality for both Singaporeans and visitors.

These stories wouldn’t have been possible without one thing—passion. It is passion that has grown gardens into Supertrees; preserved our distinctive hawker recipes and culture; and taken our designers from local to global. It is passion that has made our vision and dreams possible.

This is the same spirit that inspires our new brand, Passion Made Possible. It celebrates the values of Singaporeans and, at the same, is an invitation for visitors to come and ignite their passions. Singapore is a rich and multi-dimensional city—and it is where passions truly come alive.


This is a story for all to tell, beyond Singapore Tourism Board.

What does this mean to you, our valued partner? Passion Made Possible is a brand that we are truly proud of and believe represents Singapore in its truest and most authentic form. We at Singapore Tourism Board would like to invite you to join us in telling the Singapore story to the world, through sharing our Passion Made Possible stories with your clients, whether they are:

Foodies searching for a palatable paradise offering a multitude of flavours and refreshing dining experiences that feed passions and appetites;

Explorers powered by an enthusiastic spirit of discovery, looking for myriad possibilities to experience a destination rooted in a multicultural history and heritage;

Collectors who seek to indulge their love of international and local heritage brands, and a burgeoning design and retail scene led by internationally-recognised homegrown designers.

Socialisers seeking a place where they can immerse in distinctive and diverse entertainment experiences and share their passions with kindred spirits as part of their destination discovery;

Action Seekers who have a need for action and sports, from heart-pumping activities and tropical adventures to recreational activities and fun-filled spectator action; or

Culture Shapers who embrace all things art and cultural, in their quest to uncover the country’s vibrant arts scene and rich tapestry of culture.

Just look around and you’ll find many such stories, perhaps even your own. Share not just these stories, but also the promise that Singapore makes—we are more than a destination; we are where passion is made possible.

For more information, visit the Singapore Tourism Board’s leisure destination website, VisitSingapore.com.