​​​​2014 marks 50 years of tourism development and promotion since the establishment of the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board (now Singapore Tourism Board) in 1964.

The development of tourism in the last 50 years mirrors the remarkable trajectory that Singapore has taken in those decades. The work of STB and our industry partners has helped to create a modern cosmopolitan destination with strong local character, one of the truly global hubs in Asia. Our tourism landscape has transformed over the years to address the needs and aspiration of business and leisure visitors. In the process of doing so, we strengthen the pride of residents who call Singapore home, and we inspire our guests in their personal and professional lives. Value is created for host and visitor; and a positive impact is the lasting takeaway for both.

These achievements are made possible in no small ​part by the passion, dedication and contribution of all​ our local and overseas industry partners as well as the people who work in our tourism sector. We salute and thank you for your support and efforts in promoting Singapore to the world, and in creating world-class tourism offerings and memorable experiences for our visitors.

In the face of growing challenges such as increasingly discerning travellers and resource scarcity, we need to continue to innovate and create value for our visitors. As before, this can only be accomplished through your continued support and our close collaboration. Together, we will embark on a successful journey towards Quality Tourism – a model of tourism development that emphasises innovative enterprise, local engagement and strong economic contribution.

Lionel Yeo
​Chief Executive
​Singapore Tourism Board


Commemorating Tourism50

Appreciating tourism stakeholders

To commemorate 50 years of tourism development and promotion in Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is recognising and celebrating the contributions of the local and overseas tourism stakeholders via various platforms.

At this year’s Tourism Industry Conference held on 7 April 2014, Guest of Honour Mr S Iswaran, Second Minister for Trade & Industry, paid tribute to industry stakeholders for working with the Board to develop tourism into a key economic driver and adding vibrancy to Singapore. To find out more about Tourism Industry Conference 2014, please visit ​ this page.

Industry stakeholders can look forward to more opportunities to come together to celebrate this milestone year at upcoming trade events such as the TravelRave Leaders’ Gala Dinner and the Singapore Experience Awards and Industry Night, both slated for October.

Outside of Singapore, STB is organising special Tourism50 trade appreciation events this year to thank its international industry partners for their support and collaboration. The first overseas trade appreciation event was held in Berlin in early March. Read more about the event here.

Engaging the local community

STB also unveiled a three-phase Tourism50 programme - Reminisce, Rediscover, Celebrate - in March to reach out to the local residents. Through a series of events and activities, the Board hopes to raise awareness and appreciation of past and present tourism developments, encourage public interest and participation, and celebrate the journey to the next phase of development for the tourism sector.

The public can get regular updates on Tourism50-related events and activities and read about tourism-related stories at www.xinmsn.com/rediscoversg​, an online platform specially developed for Tourism50. Content on the Tourism50 microsite will be updated on a weekly basis and refreshed for each phase of the celebrations. The public is also encouraged to use the hashtag #rediscoversg to share their experiences of Tourism50 related events and activities with their families and friends on social media platforms.

To read more about the events and activities under Reminisce, Rediscover, Celebrate, please click on the links provided below:

​About Tourism50 Logo

Designed to commemorate 50 years of Singapore Tourism, the logo is a timeless and celebratory representation of the transformative tourism landscape over the years.

Encased within the logo is the silhouette of the Merlion – the quintessential icon of Singapore’s tourism sector that was designed exactly 50 years ago.

The Merlion’s silhouette within the logo forms a window to our rich and inspiring history. It also bears resemblance to a keyhole – one that can be unlocked to reveal a rich heritage and path towards a bright future for the tourism sector. It aims to invite and inspire Singaporeans and stakeholders to continue driving and celebrating the strong growth of a dynamic and innovative tourism sector that continues to benefit Singapore.

The eastward-facing Merlion symbolises our tourism sector reaching out to her locals, and also looking forward into the future.