The Singapore Tourism Board ("STB") would like to invite potential partners to submit their proposals on the abovementioned call for a partnership. STB would like to appoint a partner to provide booking services for its digital consumer-facing platforms – website ( and Visit Singapore mobile app (VS app) for a period of one year, with an option to extend for another year.

The objectives of the partnership are as follows:

a) To provide a way for users on STB's consumer-facing platforms to book an experience they are reading about, and drive these users as leads to the partner's platform to purchase flights, accommodation, tours and attraction tickets.
b) For the partner to convert leads from STB's consumer–facing platforms, which include providing fulfilment and customer service.
c) To share data on users' travel purchase behaviour pre- and post-arrival in Singapore.
d) To determine user preferences for booking on STB's consumer platforms.

This call for partnership is open to all businesses who are able to provide booking and ticketing services for tourism products such as flights, accommodation, tours and attraction tickets.

For partners who are keen, please submit your proposal to STB by 10 January 2018, 4pm (Singapore Time). You may get a copy of the requirement specifications for this partnership via email upon the provision of the signed Non-Disclos​ure Agreement ("NDA"). The signed NDA can be submitted to STB either by hand or email to Ms Crystal Soh at Please click NDA_Call for Partnership - final.pdf for a copy of the NDA.

A briefing on the call for partnership will be conducted on 13 December 2017 Wednesday, 10am at the Auditorium at STB's office. Partners are strongly encouraged to attend this briefing. Please email Ms Crystal Soh to register for the briefing by 12 December 2017, Tuesday, 5pm.

Thank you.

Event Details

Event Date:
11 Dec 2017 - 10 Jan 2025


Ms Crystal Soh at


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