Dear Singapore Industry Partners,


1. Visitor arrivals from Europe has seen an increase year-on-year, with a 6.4% increase in 2017. Growth is set to continue, especially as we see more cruise arrivals.

2. Holidays remain an important lifestyle option for consumers in Europe, despite economic and political instability. Europeans are constantly researching for value for money destinations and with the strong Euro, consumers are looking further afield for holidays. This is a great opportunity for Singapore to ride on, however, Europeans are spoilt for choice for holiday destinations. It is therefore critical that the European travel trade is updated with the latest offerings and experiences in Singapore in order for us to increase mindshare and affinity of Singapore as an attractive must-visit destination with enriching experiences.

3. We are delighted to inform you of the return of the Leisure Trade Engagement Sessions (TES), which this year, will be held in Singapore on 28 February 2019 at ParkRoyal on Pickering Hotel. The TES will be attended by European travel trade from France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia (Denmark & Sweden), Switzerland and UK. The attendees will be a mix of decision-making levels and frontline agents.

4. We would like to invite you to join us for the Trade Engagement Sessions with the key objectives of:
a) Heightening and strengthening the awareness of Singapore as a compelling leisure destination, by encouraging the trade to update their product itineraries with the latest products and offerings available in Singapore and to increase the length of stay in Singapore​

b) Heightening and strengthening the awareness of south-east Asian cruises, using Singapore as the hub and increase pre/post stays in Singapore

c) Providing Singapore Industry Partners' networking opportunities for business opportunities 

5. There is no participation fee to join the Trade Engagement Sessions. However, we would request a limit of maximum two (2) representatives per company.

6.  Each Singapore Industry Partner will be given a table to conduct one-to-one meetings and product updates.

7.  Please confirm your registration to participate in the Trade Engagement Sessions. The Board reserves the right to decide on the final shortlisted Singapore participants.

We hope you can join us at this session, and appreciate if you can RSVP your interest and participation by completing the form below and sending it by 28 December (Friday) to

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By submitting an application for participation, and by participating in this trade event, you acknowledge acceptance and compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Participation.

8. If you are interested or if you require further clarifications, please contact Michelle Lai at, Kevin Dragon at or Melanie Jones at

9. We look forward to your support and hope that you can help make the Trade Engagement Session a success.

Yours sincerely

Event Details

Event Date:
28 Feb - 28 Feb 2019

Singapore, 28 February 2019, ParkRoyal on Pickering Hotel

Michelle Lai at
Kevin Dragon at
Melanie Jones at


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