Date​​​​​Trade Event DescriptionHeld in
30 JunSTB Dubai Middle East Markets Update SeminarSingapore
08 JulSTB Cambodia Trade Update SessionPhomn Penh
10 - 21 JulSTB India Multi-cities RoadshowPune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kolkata,  Hyderabad & Colombo
​Jul (Date TBC)​STB London SFF Media Familiarisation Visit ​Singapore
Jul (Date TBC)STB Moscow SFF Media Familiarisation VisitSingapore
15 - 17 AugSTB Oceania Multi-cities Leisure RoadshowBrisbane, Sydney & Melbourne
15, 16 & 18 AugSTB Oceania Multi-cities MICE RoadshowBrisbane, Sydney & Melbourne
​23 - 26 Aug​STB SEA Media Familiarisation Visit​Singapore
​23 - 27 Aug​STB USA Media Familiarisation Visit​Singapore
​22 - 26 Aug​STB Europe Media Familiarisation Visit​Singapore
28 Aug - 01 SepSTB Frankfurt Tourasia RoadshowSt. Gallen, Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Basel, Fribourg, Lausanne, Neuchâtel & Geneva
Aug (Date TBC)STB Thailand Media Familiarisation Visit​​Singapore
​Aug (Date TBC)STB Frankfurt FTI Roadshow​Hamburg, Essen, Manheim, Wuerzburg, Dresden, Graz, Linz, Salzburg & Vienna​
Aug (Date TBC)STB Frankfurt MICE Networking eventFrankfurt
Aug/Sep (Date TBC)STB/SIA South Africa RoadshowSouth Africa
06 - 08 SepSTB Frankfurt Seatrade Europe ConferenceHamburg
07 - 10 SepSTB Myanmar Singapore FestivalYangon
09 - 12 SepSTB Frankfurt MICE BoatRostock-Amsterdam
12 SepSTB Myanmar Trade Update SessionYangon
15 - 17 SepSTB Hong Kong Media Familiarisation VisitSingapore
15 - 17 SepSTB Frankfurt Media Familiarisation VisitSingapore
​15 - 17 SepSTB London Media Failiarisation Visit​Singapore​
20 - 21 SepSTB Dubai Outbound Travel BazaarDubai & Abu Dhabi
21 – 22 SepSTB Moscow Media EventMoscow & Saint Petersburg
21 - 22 SepSTB Moscow Multi-cities RoadshowMoscow & Saint Petersburg
Sep (Date TBC)STB Thailand B2C Travel FairBangkok
Sep (Dates TBC)STB Moscow B2C Travel FairMoscow
Sep (Dates TBC)STB Moscow Multi-cities RoadshowNovosibirsk & Ekaterinburg
Sep/Oct (Dates TBC)STB/Emirates Trade Update SessionUAE
Sep/Oct (Dates TBC)STB Frankfurt Airtours Cruise EventsZurich
Mid/Late-Sep (Dates TBC)STB Hong Kong Media and Trade EventHong Kong
​15 - 19 Oct (Dates TBC)STB/CAG Multi-cities Roadshows​China Tier 2 Cities
20 - 22 OctCITMKunming
25 - 27 OctITB AsiaSingapore
Oct (Dates TBC)STB Frankfurt MICE Networking EventsFrankfurt, Düsseldorf, Stuttgar & Munich
Oct (Dates TBC)STB Frankfurt Luxury Trade Familiarisation VisitSingapore
Oct (Dates TBC)STB Frankfurt MICE Corporate Familiarisation VisitSingapore
​Oct (Dates TBC)​STB London Cocktail Week​London
Oct (Dates TBC)​​STB United Kingdom Trade Familiarisation Visit​Singapore
Oct/Nov 2017 (Date TBC)STB Dubai Trade/Corporate MICE Familiarisation VisitSingapore
Oct-Nov (Date TBC)STB/SIA Multi-cities RoadshowDubai, Tehran & Jordan
Oct-Nov (Date TBC)STB Dubai MICE ForumDubai, UAE
20 Nov 2017STB Frankfurt Asia WorkshopZurich
​22 - 23 NovSTB Korean Multi-cities Roadshow​​Seoul & Busan
​28 - 29 NovSTB Japan Multi-cities Roadshow​Tokyo & Osaka
Nov (Date TBC)STB Frankfurt DER Touristik Catalogue PresentationTBC
​Nov (Date TBC)STB France Trade Familiarisation Visit​Singapore​
​Nov (Date TBC)​STB London Cruise Trade Familiarisation Visit​Singapore
​Nov (Date TBC)​STB London Winter in the Tropics Media Familiarisation VisitSingapore​
Dec (Date TBC)STB Dubai Leisure Trade Familiarisation VisitSingapore
Dec (Date TBC)STB Taiwan Media Cruise Familiarisation Visit​​Singapore

Disclaimer: STB reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel or change the date and/or the venue of the Trade Event and where STB is not the organiser of the Trade Event, the STB itself may at its sole discretion withdraw and not participate in the Trade Event and the Trade Event organiser may cancel, postpone or change the date and/or venue of the Trade Event for any reason without notice or liability or compensation to the STB or you.​ Please refer to the full Terms and Conditions of Participation here​.​

Where necessary, STB (and the event co-organisers, if any) reserves the right to limit the number of participants at its sole discretion based on the requirements of the event.

For the sponsorship of Media Fams, there is no guarantee of media coverage. Additonally, trade partners sponsoring components of the Media Fam should be prepared that fam details may be subject to change. 

The trade events listing for 1H2018 will be updated in December 2017. For enquiries, please contact ​​