Updated as of 10 June 2021

About Connect@Singapore Pilot

Notice: The Connect@Singapore Initiative is currently suspended until further notice. 

The Connect@Singapore initiative is part of Singapore’s efforts to re-open our borders in a controlled and safe manner, with necessary public health safeguards in place. The initiative allows a limited number of business, official and high economic value travellers to enter Singapore for short-term stays of up to 14 days.

Travellers from all countries are eligible for the initiative, except those whose travellers are not allowed entry into Singapore. For the entire duration of their stay, travellers will be housed in Appointed Facilities, undergo regular testing, and strictly observe all prevailing Safe Management Measures (SMMs). Travellers will be able to conduct meetings with local visitors and with other traveller groups (with SMMs in place) while in the facilities.

List of Appointed Facilities

Name of Appointed Facility




Singapore Expo Hall 7 and 8,
9 Somapah Rd, 487370

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Please refer to Annex A for the complete Conditions for the Appointed Facility under the Connect@Singapore initiative that facilities must meet and comply with.

FAQs on Appointed Facilities

Please visit STO’s website for the full list of FAQs on application process, health measures, and health enforcements.

Appointed Facilities

1. What are the responsibilities of the Appointed Facility?

The Appointed Facilities (AFs)’ main responsibilities include applying for the traveller’s entry into Singapore, and working with an MOH-approved healthcare provider to implement stringent testing requirements. The AF is also accountable for the travellers throughout their stay in Singapore, particularly ensuring their compliance with the testing regime, adherence to Safe Management Measures (SMMs), and staying within the AF.

2. How were Appointed Facilities assessed and appointed for the Connect@Singapore initiative?

The Government assessed all proposals for Appointed Facilities (AFs) based on their ability to ensure tight strict segregation of travellers from the local community and robustness in Safe Management Measures (SMMs) adherence to ensure no compromise to minimise the risk to public health. Other criteria such as prior experience as a government-contracted facility for COVID-19 purposes, and the hotel/facility’s track record in adhering to prevailing SMMs were also considered.

3. Are Partial Appointed Facilities allowed?

Partial Appointed Facilities (AFs), where only part of the property is used as an AF, are allowed if they are able to set up designated areas for AF operations, in a manner that totally segregates the AF travellers from the local community, alongside ensuring robust Safe Management Measures (SMMs) in place. Partial AFs are required to implement tight systems and controls to ensure travellers remain within the segregated zone and abide to the required SMMs. All Appointed Facilities will be regularly audited by STB.

Activities in the Appointed Facilities

4. What are Connect@Singapore travellers allowed to do while in Singapore?

The Connect@Singapore initiative is for business, official and high-economic value travellers and their associated persons. For instance, travellers will be able to conduct meetings with local visitors and other traveller groups within the Appointed Facility (AF). Travellers will not mingle with the local community, and will be required to stay within the AF with robust Safe Management Measures (SMMs) in place.

5. Can I mingle with other travellers under the Connect@Singapore initiative?

Connect@Singapore travellers may conduct business in a ‘travel cohort’ of up to two individuals from countries with similar risk profiles and entry requirements into Singapore. The travel cohort must be pre-approved by the Safe Travel Office, and pre-declared to the Appointed Facility (AF). The travel cohort may comprise members outside of your family, such as colleagues, business partners, suppliers or customers, even if arriving from different flights and/or countries. The group composition of the travel cohort must be kept constant throughout the entire duration of stay.

All prevailing national Safe Management Measures (SMMs) will apply to travellers in the AF.

6. Can members of the Singapore community visit the Appointed Facilities?

Members of the Singapore community are allowed to visit the Appointed Facilities to conduct meetings with travellers. There will be floor-to-ceiling dividers separating travellers from local visitors, and both locals and travellers will have to abide by the prevailing national Safe Management Measures (SMMs).

7. Can I leave the Appointed Facility during my stay?

Travellers are not allowed to leave the Appointed Facility throughout the duration of their stay.

8. Can I use the Appointed Facility to serve my Stay-Home Notice (SHN) as a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident?

No. Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who wish to exit the Appointed Facility (AF) and remain in Singapore will need to serve a further 21-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) at dedicated SHN facilities, regardless of the duration of time spent at the Connect@Singapore AF. An individual’s time spent in the AF is not considered SHN, as they may interact with other high-risk travellers during their stay.


Annex A - Conditions for Appointed Facilities under the Connect@Singapore Initiative