Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen

Innovation in the Everyday Leads to Long-Term Sustainable Environmental and Social Impact

An initiative to reduce wastage (cost and environmental impact) resulting from the hotel's disposal of 50,000 newspapers and 18,000 plastic pens each year. Results: reused ~1790Kg of newspaper, engaged employees, positive CSR impact​.

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Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Automation through Housekeeping tools

The hotel reviewed housekeeping tasks and identified areas within labourious cleaning processes to automate and streamline with new equipment. Results: 40% less time taken to perform cleaning tasks and enhanced cleanliness standards.

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Fairmont Singapore

Linen chute system re-activated; enhanced Workflow

The hotel studied previous processes and identified areas of waste, resulting in inefficiency. Through testing and re-implementing the chute system, the hotel saw ~6,600 man-hours saved annually and improved employee morale through smarter workflow.

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Fairmont Singapore

Turnaround process optimised to reduce wait time

To reduce wait time for check-in guests, the hotel redesigned key processes in readying a “Dirty, Vacated” room (e.g. identifying common defects to be checked as a first step). Result: 27% cut in average waiting time for rooms.

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Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Automated uniform management with RFID

To reduce wait time in picking up uniforms and to reduce manpower used in the distribution process, the hotel invested in an RFID system to automate uniform management. Results: ~80% cut in waiting time, and 40% less manning required for uniform window.

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Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan

RFID Inventory Management System

Implementation of the RFID Inventory Management and Tracking System (IMTS) to easily account for in-room inventory tracking and reduce the man hours needed for physical counting and reporting. Result: 30% reduction in man-hours during inventory check

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Park Avenue Rochester

Integration of Robots to Improve Guest Experience

Park Avenue Rochester housekeeping staffs faced the challenge of transporting clean and soiled linen. This resulted in bottlenecks in linen management backroom and cargo lift especially during peak hours which translated into slower turnover of rooms as well as significant strain of staff as each housekeeping trolley weighs as heavy as 50kg. Park Avenue Rochester introduced robots into its operations to maximise productivity and reduce manpower reliance. Results: Time-Savings to transport clean and soiled linen, annual labour saving of 3 Full Time Employee work and improved staff morale & enhanced productivity. 

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Park Hotel Group

Productivity and quality service through automated Housekeeping system

To improve response time and enhance accuracy of Housekeeping work orders, the hotel group put in place an automated system that will not only increase their efficiency but also maintain their initially-prescribed housekeeping standards. Results: ~12.4 hours man-hours saving per day across various departments, service requested responded within 10 minutes and increased guest satisfaction. ​

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Regent Singapore

RFID Uniform Project PAVE

To reduce time in manual counting the worn uniforms and increase staff access to uniforms for all shifts, the hotel implemented RFID uniform project PAVE (People-less Auto Valet Equipment). Results: 24-hour automated self-collection uniform system and 25% reduction in manpower to man uniform and linen room. ​

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Village Hotel Katong

Innovation in Housekeeping via Applied Research

The hotel collaborated with Republic Polytechnic to conduct an applied research, time and motion study on its housekeeping and front office departments with the aim of reducing inconsistencies and redundancies, to better streamline and integrate processes. Results: Increase room cleaning capacity of each room attendant by 13% and saving of 1 Housekeeping Full Time Equivalent. 

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