Use of Singapore Tourism Board’s symbols and Merlion symbol

​01 Feb 2013

​​It has come to Singapore Tourism Board’s (“the Board”) attention that there are Travel Agents (TAs) using the Board’s symbol and/or Merlion symbol on their business cards and/or other collaterals without the Board’s permission.

Please note that the Board‘s symbol and Merlion symbol are protected under the Singapore Tourism Board Act (Cap 305B), for which the Board shall have the exclusive right to the use of the Board’s symbol and Merlion symbol.

All licensees are reminded that you are not permitted to use the Board’s symbol and Merlion symbol as above.

If you have not done so, you are required to remove all present use of the symbols immediately.

​Should any contravention of the above be found, the Board reserves the right to proceed to take appropriate action without further reference.