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A vibrant and inspiring Destination Singapore that we are proud of​.


To shape a dynamic tourism landscape for Singapore in partnership with industry and community


The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore. It champions the development of Singapore's tourism sector, one of the country's key service sectors and economic pillars, and undertakes the marketing and promotion of Singapore as a tourism destination.

The tourism sector currently contributes 4 per cent to Singapore’s gross domestic product. Tourism plays an essential role in reinforcing Singapore’s status as a vibrant global city that is a magnet for capital, businesses and talent. It also enhances the quality and diversity of leisure options for local residents and helps to create a living environment that Singaporeans can be proud to call home.

STB strives to ensure that tourism remains an important economic pillar through long-term strategic planning, and by forging partnerships, driving innovation and ensuring excellence in the tourism sector. It continues to market Singapore’s mult​i-faceted appeal as a premier business and leisure destination, and offer empowering and customised experiences. We bring the Passion Made Possible brand to life by differentiating Singapore as a vibrant destination that inspires people to share and deepen their passions. This is a unified brand between STB and Economic Development Board (EDB) which will allow the international marketing of Singapore for tourism and business purposes. STB also regularly reviews and updates the tourism regulatory framework to ensure its relevance in the current business environment, while providing support and incentives to catalyse the private sector to take the lead in investing for growth.

While STB leads in driving tourism development, it cannot do it alone; continued support from industry players is crucial in ensuring the success and sustainable growth of the sector. In the face of growing challenges such as resource scarcity and increasingly discerning travellers, there is a need to focus on yield-driven quality growth. As such, STB and tourism industry players have to work collaboratively to continue to innovate and create value for visitors. STB also aims to facilitate the sharing of experiences, expertise and resources among industry players to raise industry capability and competitiveness, maximise business opportunities and forge long-term win-win partnerships.

Strong support and active participation from Singapore residents are also imperative to the tourism sector as they are an integral part of Singapore’s identity and appeal. STB will continue to work with tourism industry partners to nurture public engagement as part of its tourism development efforts; every local resident is a potential advocate for tourism and together, their collective ideas and energies can contribute to the sustainable development of the tourism sector.

To navigate the tourism sector through the next phase of growth, STB will be pursuing Quality Tourism - a model of tourism development that emphasises innovative enterprise, local engagement and strong economic contribution.​


The Singapore Tourist Promotion Board (STPB) was first established in 1964 with the mandate to promote Singapore as a tourist destination. It signalled the government’s recognition of tourism’s potential as an important contributor to the country’s economy.

STPB started out with a staff strength of 25. That year, Singapore welcomed 91,000 visitors.

Under STPB, the early stages of Singapore’s tourism development focused on raising the awareness of Singapore as a destination and building up tourism infrastructure, including major attractions such as Sentosa Island and the Singapore Zoological Gardens.

In the 1970s, the Board started marketing the city as a venue for conventions and organised events to draw visitors.

In the 1980s, STPB oversaw the implementation of a S$1 billion Tourism Product Development Plan, which called for the preservation of the Singapore's historic districts, such as Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street, the rejuvenation of the Singapore River, and the creation of new iconic products and events.

To reflect a major shift in the way tourism was championed as a key economic driver, STPB was renamed the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 1997. STB expanded its role beyond destination promotion and started to establish Singapore as a regional tourism hub for both tourism companies and tourists. It marked a decisive move towards tourism industry development, an approach that continues to distinguish STB from many other national tourism organisations that focus almost exclusively on marketing and promotional activities.

Corporate Identity

The Board's new name and corporate identity were officially unveiled by then-Second Minister for Trade and Industry BG (NS) George Yeo on 19 November 1997 to reflect the Board expanding its role beyond that of simply promoting tourism.

The new identity of the Singapore Tourism Board is encased in a shape that is derived from an architectural detail found in Singapore's Peranakan shophouses. This, together with the 'Singapore' logotype in calligraphic script, reflects the modern, multi-cultural yet distinctly Asian nature of our island republic and its people.

The rich green colour of the identity is corporate and distinctive. It also signifies the tropical Garden City that is home to ​STB, and continued growth of Singapore’s tourism sector.


Head Office

Singapore Tourism Board
Tourism Court
1 Orchard Spring Lane
Singapore 247729

Tel: (65) 6736 6622
Fax: (65) 6736 9423
Tourist Information: 1800-736 2000 (toll free in Singapore only)

Quality Service Manager: 1800 - 736 6638

Destination Website:

Regional Offices

STB has an extensive network of offices spanning the globe. Currently, there are 20 Regional Offices and five Marketing Representatives spread over seven regions.

STB Regional Offices undertake the entire spectrum of tourism functions, from tourism marketing to investment promotion. They work together with in-market industry partners to promote Singapore to overseas consumers, facilitate tourism companies in investment plans and business alliances, monitor competitive activities and support the development of bi- or multi-lateral agreements.

For contact information on STB Regional Offices and Marketing Representatives, please click here.