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STB unveils a new four-year Tourism Development Fund (TDF), designed to catalyse the creation of innovative and quality tourism products and experiences, and capability and employee upgrading efforts among tourism-related enterprises. 

Key enhancements to the latest tranche include increasing the grant cap to support new and innovative events under the Kickstart Fund, and supporting the development and enhancement of Singapore’s tourism experiences that are virtual or include pre- and post-visit experiences under the Experience Step-Up Fund to increase the attractiveness of Singapore to visitors.

With the focus for Singapore to become a sustainable urban destination, STB will support sustainable development of tourism hardware and software (i.e. events and experiences), which would create a holistic visitor experience that is sustainable across all aspects and touchpoints. To complement this, STB will also support building your workforce’s capabilities and development of innovative solutions to capture opportunities from sustainable travel.

With the enhancements made to TDF, STB is committed to partnering the tourism sector in driving tourism recovery and transformation efforts.



To identify the right fund for your project, or check if your project has met the eligibility conditions, please utilise the Grant Eligibility Checker tool.


Business Improvement Fund (BIF)

The Business Improvement Fund (BIF) aims to encourage technology innovation and adoption, redesign of business model and processes in the tourism sector to improve productivity and competitiveness. STB has expanded BIF to include sustainability initiatives in support of our tourism companies in their sustainability journey to build resource efficiencies, pivot business models to enhance competitiveness,  scale up adoption and development of sustainable solutions and pursue sustainability certification across the tourism industries.

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Local Enterprise and Association Development Programme (LEAD)

The Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) Programme supports efforts by Trade Associations & Chambers (TACs) to drive industry initiatives, focusing on areas like productivity, sustainability, technology & infrastructure, business collaborations, intelligence & research.

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Training Industry Professionals in Tourism (TIP-iT)

The Training Industry Professionals in Tourism (TIP-iT) supports tourism companies in employee upgrading and leadership development.

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Business Events in Singapore (BEiS)

The Business Events in Singapore scheme seeks to encourage the business events industry to anchor and grow quality events in Singapore as well as catalyse the innovation of new content. It also supports activities that will bring the foundation towards bringing quality business events to Singapore in the long term. 

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Kickstart Fund (KF)

The Kickstart Fund supports the creation and test-bedding of innovative consumer-focused or business-focused events/concepts and events with strong tourism potential and scalability. This is with the aim of adding to the existing quality tourism software and enhancing the vibrancy of Singapore as a tourist destination.

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Leisure Events Fund (LEF)

The Leisure Events Fund (LEF) supports the launch and development of world-class, differentiated, and celebrated leisure event experiences in Singapore that deliver key tourism outcomes and establish Singapore as one of the world's most vibrant cities.

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Cruise Development Fund (CDF)

The Cruise Development Fund (CDF) supports the deployment of cruise ships in Singapore and/or development of initiatives that will grow the cruise industry in Singapore. 

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Experience Step-Up Fund (ESF)

The Experience Step-Up Fund (ESF) supports the development and enhancement of Singapore's tourism experiences that increase the attractiveness of Singapore to visitors.

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Tourism Product Development Fund (TPDF)

The Tourism Product Development Fund (TPDF) supports the creation, and/or major rejuvenation of tourism products (such as standalone infrastructure development or major attraction to enhance Singapore's attractiveness as a tourist destination. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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