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Tourism Sustainability Programme (TSP)

To strengthen the tourism sector's foundation in sustainability, the Tourism Sustainability Programme (TSP) was developed to support thrust 2 - Building a sustainable tourism sector - of the tourism sustainability strategy. The TSP aims to support tourism businesses' sustainability journeys, at all stages of your development, equipping you to build your workforce capabilities and develop innovative solutions to capture opportunities from sustainable travel.

Focus Areas of the TSP


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Capability Development and Growth - We will support sustainability capability development and training through grants. These efforts could involve areas such as sustainability strategy, resource optimisation, sustainability standards adoption, and sustainable solutions.

Training Industry Professionals in Tourism (TIP-iT)

Supports tourism companies in employee upgrading and talent and leadership development. Training in sustainability-related courses may qualify*.

Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Incentive Policy Department

Business Improvement Fund (BIF)

Encourages technology innovation and adoption, redesign of business models and processes in the tourism sector to improve productivity and competitiveness. For example, innovative projects supporting tourism companies in building sustainability capabilities, developing new sustainable products or services that improve resource efficiency and competitiveness, or pursuing sustainability certification may qualify*.

Innovation - We will support the development and testbed of innovative sustainable solutions, to kickstart or progress businesses' sustainability journeys. This includes piloting innovative sustainable solutions in areas such as waste, water, energy and carbon emissions management, that can be scaled up across industry and/or the tourism sector. 

Singapore Tourism Accelerator

The Accelerator programme sources for the world’s most innovative technology providers for tourism businesses to collaborate and develop solutions, including sustainability solutions, that can power the travel and tourism industry.

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) 

Business Innovation & Data Partnerships

Education and Awareness - We will continue to educate and provide information on best practices and spotlight the areas of focus to support businesses in maximising the opportunities secured from pursuing sustainability. 


Singapore MICE Sustainability Roadmap

by STB and SACEOS (Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers)

The roadmap sets out targets and strategies to raise sustainability standards across the MICE industry, aligned with the SG Green Plan 2030 and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Conventions, Meetings & Incentive Travel, Exhibitions & Conferences

Singapore Hotel Sustainability Roadmap

by STB and SHA (Singapore Hotel Association)

The roadmap sets out sustainability targets for the hotel industry and lays out four strategies and related initiatives to help hotels achieve these targets.   

Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Hospitality Industry Development

Sustainable Tourism Jobs & Skills Roadmap

by STB

The roadmap sets out three strategies in the area of broad-based upskilling, providing customised support to industry leaders, and encouraging knowledge transfer. It also identifies four green skill clusters in the areas of Certification, Carbon, Green Marketing and Green Procurement.

Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Human Capital Policy & Development

3R Guidebook for Hotels

by NEA

For hotels to assess their current waste management practices and identify opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials, developed in partnership with SHA.

National Environment Agency (NEA)

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3R Toolkit for the MICE Industry

by NEA

For MICE event organisers to assess their current waste management practices and identify opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials, developed in conjunction with STB and members of SACEOS.

Guide on Food Waste Segregation and Treatment

by NEA

For premises owners and operators who generate food waste to learn strategies on proper food waste segregation and adopting food waste recycling/treatment.

“Reduction Of Disposables” Checklist

by NEA and Plastic-Lite Singapore

For F&B establishments to identify opportunities to reduce disposables in their operations.

Best Practice Guide for Organising Environmentally Friendly Events

by MSE

For event organisers to learn best practices on venue selection, waste management, electricity and water usage, and public hygiene to organise environmentally-friendly events.

Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE)



Local Brands – For tourism businesses who are reviewing their supply chains and interested in local options.

1. Where to buy local produce

Singapore is home to a diverse range of farms that produce vegetables, eggs, fish and many other types of fresh produce. Discover our local farms here.

2. Support local brands

Made With Passion is a national initiative that showcases and celebrates local lifestyle brands and the passion behind them. The Made With Passion brand mark can be found on selected brands, and is a recognition of the hard work and passion that goes behind their pursuit of excellence.

Join us in the celebration of the many facets of passion and discover the best of what Singapore has to offer here.

For enquries on where to buy local produce, please reach out to through the SFA Feedback form.

For enquiries on Made With Passion, please contact STB at

*Subject to STB's evaluation on the tourism merits and scope of the project.

Other Sustainability-related Resources

To further support tourism businesses' sustainability journeys, we have compiled a list of resources which supplements the Tourism Sustainability Programme. 
Note: This list provides examples for consideration and is non-exhaustive.



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Financing and funding support  

Energy conservation

Building Retrofit Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme (BREEF) 

by BCA

Supports building owners in obtaining financing from participating financial institutions to offset upfront costs for energy efficient retrofits of existing buildings and subsequently repay the loans through energy savings reaped.

Building & Construction Authority (BCA)


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Waste Management

3R Fund

by NEA

Supports any organisation in Singapore with projects that aim to increase quantity of solid waste recycled or reduce quantity of solid waste generated. For example, projects to redesign packaging or products and install new waste recycling infrastructure may qualify.

National Environment Agency (NEA)

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Construction / Renovations & Green Spaces

Skyrise Greenery Incentive Scheme 2.0 (SGIS 2.0)

by NParks 

Aims to encourage the installation of skyrise greenery on existing buildings across Singapore by supporting installation of rooftop and vertical greenery. For example, projects to retrofit existing buildings with edible rooftop gardens and green walls may qualify.

National Parks Board (NParks)

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Green Mark Incentive Scheme for Existing Buildings 2.0 (GMIS-EB 2.0) 

by BCA

Supports building owners to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. Building owners can receive funding support based on the Green Mark certification rating and carbon emissions reduction achieved through retrofitting. For example, retrofits to cooling systems and redesigning
spaces to incorporate natural ventilation or hybrid cooling may qualify. 

Building & Construction Authority (BCA)


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Green and sustainable financing

Green and Sustainability-linked Loan Grant Scheme

by MAS

The scheme supports businesses of all sizes to obtain green and sustainable financing by defraying the expenses of engaging independent sustainability advisory and assessment service providers which are required to validate the green and sustainability credentials of the loan. This could include activities such as setting sustainability performance targets (SPTs) for sustainability-linked loans, external review to demonstrate alignment of the loan with internationally recognised green/sustainability-linked loan principles, and external review to verify attainment of SPTs etc.

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)


Capability development

Repository of Sustainability-related Courses

by STB in collaboration with WSG & SSG

 A list of green courses consolidated jointly by STB, WSG and SSG, categorised by the four green skills clusters as outlined in the STB Tourism Sustainability Jobs & Skills Roadmap and the technical skills (water conservation, energy conservation, waste management, sustainable sourcing) as outlined in the Hotels Sustainability Roadmap. 

Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Human Capital Policy & Development

Skills Demand For The Future Economy

by SSG

Insights on the green economy and priority skills in demand for enterprises to chart the skill development journey of employees.

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

6785 5785

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Enterprise Sustainability Programme – Sustainability Courses

by ESG

Series of courses which aim to raise business leaders’ understanding of sustainability and provide them with tools and resources to assess their companies’ current level of sustainability readiness and performance.

Enterprise Singapore (ESG)

6898 1800

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by Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) Singapore and supported by NEA and ESG

A capability-building programme to enable local businesses in Singapore to start monitoring and where possible, reduce their carbon emissions through carbon management workshops and a Carbon and Emissions Recording Tool. 

Putting Sustainability into Practice for Business

by Singapore Environment Council (SEC) in partnership with EnterpriseSG


The programme aims to help businesses understand sustainability, including its related risks, opportunities and impact, to undertake sustainability-related transformation.

Singapore Environment Council (SEC)

6337 6062

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Standards and Certification

Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) 

The GSTC establishes and manages global standards for sustainable travel and tourism. In 2021, STB became a member of the GSTC, allowing Singapore to participate in and contribute to the efforts to advance sustainability in the global travel and tourism sector. Tourism businesses can also consider joining the GSTC as a member to gain access to networking, marketing and training opportunities in sustainable tourism. 

Additionally, you can also get your sustainability efforts verified and recognised by pursuing GSTC certification (for DestinationsHotels and/or Tour Operators). 

Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

Singapore Environment Council

The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) is an independently managed, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) endorsed by global bodies (e.g. UNEP, GEN, IGPN) and sustainability networks. SEC provides a range of sector-specific Eco Certifications. These include Eco-Office, Eco-F&B, Eco-Retail, Eco-Events Certifications and Green Labels for industrial and commercial products.  

Singapore Environment Council (SEC)

6337 6062

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