Content Planning and Storytelling

Benjamin Franklin remarked, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." Well-crafted communications and engagement with consumers by brands do not happen by chance. They take pains to craft the right communications, delivered at the right time.

All content planning should be anchored by a clear objective - find tips to craft great objectives under strategy-led marketing section.

A strong content strategy and quality storytelling will bring you success in communicating with consumers. Let's get started!

Craft content strategy with Hero-Hub-Hygiene framework

Consumers have different levels of readiness to interact with your brand. Use the Hero-Hub-Hygiene framework to ensure that you covered all grounds to engage those who are completely new to your brand, to those who are near to conversion.

Hero Hub Hygiene

Hygiene content is probably one of the most overlooked. When done well, it can serve consumers who are actively looking for your brand. Ensure that both the content and user experience are well thought-through to deliver a seamless experience for your consumers.

Collaborate with others

Combine forces with others to tap into new possibilities. Just as a duet draws on two performers' strengths, partnerships can bring synergies and surprise your consumers.


Establish partnerships to leverage brand association and expand engagement with your target audience through your partner's reach and networks. It is important to select brands that expand your reach and generate relevant brand association. Partnerships can also bring different types of expertise and technologies to reach your target audience more effectively.


An influencer is an individual who has above-average reach/impact through word-of-mouth or social marketing. Influencers are often highly knowledgeable about a specific subject such as food, travel, beauty or technology and include celebrities, experts and bloggers.

Influencers help in increasing awareness and building brand image by:

  • Acting as conversation catalysts
  • Reaching target or new consumers
  • Spreading brand messages in a more authentic way
  • Driving reach across various touchpoints
  • Driving meaningful two-way dialogue with brands

Who are potential partners and influencers that you would like to join forces with? Use the following principles to identify suitable influencers that will amplify your efforts.

Principles to identify the 'right' influencers

Be diligent in assessing your influencers as fraud is on the rise, with common tactics such as buying followers, likes and comments. Establishing the right partnerships can help influence consumers' decision-making. Hence, if you are just getting started on this, you may want to select nano-influencers (e.g. 1,000 to 5,000 followers) who have strong relationships with their audience - they may have a stronger influence than mega-influencers (e.g. more than a million followers).

Tell a story

People love stories, even if it means paying for it – think about your movie outings, guided tours and subscription to on-demand entertainment programmes. Every contact with consumers is a chance to tell your brand story. To figure out how to craft a great content strategy, tune in to this 45-minute webinar by LinkedIn with examples from the travel & tourism industry.

If you are looking to craft a story, use the seven tips below to sharpen your storytelling.