The EVA-Ready Programme identifies technology vendors that are able to implement self check-in solutions which have the capabilities to interface with STB’s E-Visitor Authentication (EVA) system.

E-Visitor Authentication (EVA) is an application programming interface (API) that provides the potential to automate parts of the hotel check-in process by automating checks on the stay validity of international visitors. Currently, hotels that do not use EVA are required to conduct manual checks on visitors’ stay validity before granting them accommodation.

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The programme ensures vendors fulfil requirements to attain an EVA-Ready status. It is mandatory for vendors to be EVA-Ready in order to access the API.

Once a vendor is EVA-Ready, they can onboard their hotel partners onto EVA with reduced onboarding time. These vendors can be identified with the EVA-Ready badge.

This programme is open to local and overseas vendors with existing hotel check-in solutions.

For further enquiries on EVA-Ready Programme, please contact

1. AirHost Pte. Ltd.

2. AIT Technologies Pte. Ltd.

3. Assimilated Technologies (S) Pte. Ltd.

4. at-visions Asia Pte Ltd

5. Blue Pin (HK) Limited

6. Canary Technologies LLC

7. e-Bridge Travel Technology 

8. GTRIIP Pte. Ltd.

9. Infologic Pte Ltd

10. Jurudata Services Sdn. Bhd.

11. Mankara Pte. Ltd. (hudini)

12. McLaren Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (INTELITY, Inc)

13. MyCONECT Asia Pte Ltd

14. NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

15. Oasis Hospitality Software Ltd.


17. Palvision Corporation Pte Ltd

18. Samsotech Pte. Ltd.

19. Veecom Corporation Pte Ltd

20. Vouch SG Pte. Ltd.


Disclaimer: The vendors listed are solely identified to have the capabilities to interface with the EVA system, and the listing on this page does not constitute endorsement, recommendation or favour by STB for the commercial use of these vendors. STB will not be involved in any commercial negotiations and/or disputes between hotels and vendors.

Read the EVA API Terms of Use here.

Updated as of 1 December 2023.