Approved International Fair (AIF)

The AIF scheme confers official recognition to selected exhibitions with proven international and commercial appeal. AIF-approved events are easily identified by the AIF logo, a symbol attesting to the high quality of the event it endorses.

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Tourism Information and Services Hub (TIH)

Visit TIH to access a rich resource of Singapore’s tourism product offerings and travel software services , offered by STB and industry.

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Sample Itineraries


The Singapore Tourism Board has put together a series of market-specific sample itineraries for your use. The itineraries incorporate key attractions with a selection of retail and F&B experiences to provide your clients with a more holistic appreciation of Singapore.

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STB owns 4 distinct logos – Corporate Logo, Leisure Destination Logo, Business Destination Logo & SECB Logo.

Click to find out more about the logos and usage guidelines.

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Merlion Symbol

The Merlion Symbol is owned by STB and is protected under Section 24 of the Singapore Tourism Board Act (Chapter 305B).

Click to find out more about guidelines and application for the usage of the Merlion Symbol.

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Brown Sign

The brown road directional sign is an internationally recognised method of highlighting the proximity of and providing directions to a tourist destination. 

Click to find out more about the application for installation of Brown Sign. 

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