STB owns 4 distinct logos – Corporate Logo, Leisure Destination Logo, Business Destination Logo, and SECB Logo - which repres​ent the organisation, the Leisure and Business destination brands, and its affiliated organisation Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau (SECB), respectively.


    Corporate Logo



 Leisure & Business Destination Logo​


   SECB Logo

Conditions of Use of STB-owned Logos​

As the STB-owned logos are used primarily for the purpose of promoting and marketing Singapore’s Leisure and Business offerings, projects seeking permission to use any of the above STB-owned Logos will be evaluated against STB strategy and priorities. For projects in line with STB strategy and priorities, Tourism industry stakeholders will be bound by a license agreement of the logo usage. Full terms and conditions will be shared but primarily includes:

  1. STB grants to the Company at no cost a royalty-free, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable and limited licence to use the Logos in Singapore (the “Territory”), for the sole purpose of promoting and marketing Singapore’s leisure and/or business offerings.
  2. The Company shall not alter or modify the Logos, or use any other signs, logos, trademarks or branding in connection with the Logos, without the prior written approval of STB.
  3. The Logos shall not be used in any manner which would bring them into disrepute or otherwise reduce or diminish the goodwill, reputation, image or prestige of the Logos and/or STB.
  4. All artwork, collaterals, content and material created and developed for the Purpose of the Agreement which use, contain or make reference to the Logos must be submitted to STB for approval at least four (4) weeks before the intended use of the Logos is carried out, displayed, performed and/or published online or offline.

How to apply for use of STB-owned Logos

Tourism industry stakeholders seeki​ng permission to use any of the above STB-owned Logos can write in to the respective STB divisions and departments with whom they have been working with.

The request should include information on

  • Background of the project
  • Intent of logo usage and relevant details on logo usage (including but not limited to how the logo will be featured on marketing collaterals and the duration of logo usage).