A new integrated Tourism Development will be developed in Jurong Lake District, Singapore’s largest business district outside of the central area. Jurong Lake District will be a place to grow and create new business, living and leisure environments within a unique lake setting where the vibrancy and attractions of the Central Business District are intertwined with greenery and water. It is also envisioned as a new tourism precinct for Singapore.

Located  adjacent to the new Science Centre and Singapore’s latest national garden, Jurong Lake Gardens, this iconic development will strengthen Singapore’s tourism experiences and offerings to enhance the destination attractiveness for the post-pandemic world.

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Singapore’s robust economy, highly educated workforce, excellent connectivity and high standard of living make it an ideal location for business and residency. Singapore also enjoys unparalleled global connectivity. As a major air, sea and telecommunications hub in Asia, Singapore offers market access to 4 billion people within a 7-hour flight radius. Changi International Airport receives over 7,000 flights a week across 400 cities in 100 countries. Singapore’s pro-business climate supported by infrastructure, talent and regulatory support have raised its rankings and made Singapore a choice destination for investment.


In 2019, Singapore’s tourism sector performance was the strongest yet. The overall upward trend over the last few years reflects that Singapore is a choice destination for many tourists. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore’s tourism sector remains resilient with strong support provided to businesses to accelerate operational technological transformation, and training programmes to provide new opportunities. In the spirit of re-thinking tourism experiences for the post-pandemic tourism industry, Singapore is forging ahead to expand its tourism offerings in Jurong Lake District (JLD).


The 410 hectares Jurong Lake District will be the focus of new development in the next two decades, with the government prioritising the sale of sites within the district. It will have more than 120 hectares of land available for development over the next 30 years. With more flexibility in zoning, land tenure and phasing compared to other districts, companies can experiment with new development concepts and innovative ways to integrate live, work and play.  By 2040 to 2050, Jurong Lake District will have 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes, adding to the 1 million residents already in the West Region. As Jurong Lake District draws more business and residents to locate here, it is envisioned to bring strong demand for high quality leisure activities and short-term accommodation. The Tourism Development located here will attract footfall from existing and new residents in the area and benefit from the vibrancy of Jurong Lake District when it is fully developed. More details can be found at

Figure 1: Map of Jurong Lake District


More details about Jurong Lake District can be found here:

Jurong Lake District Masterplan


Jurong Lake Gardens