The Singapore Tourism Board would like to empower content creators in Singapore and around the world to tell amazing stories of Singapore â€“ as a destination, as a home that we love, and as a place where our passions shine through.

Fund support​

The Fund will support 90% of the qualifying costs, capped at S$150,000 per project.

Qualifying costs can cover both project-related in-house and third party costs for:

  • Creative development and conceptualisation (e.g. Professional services, translation costs)
  • Production and execution (e.g. Equipment hire)
  • Marketing and distribution (e.g. Advertising fees)

STB reserves the right to request for additional supporting documents for identified qualifying costs. The final approved qualifying costs will be at the discretion of STB.

More details on the terms and conditions here.


Who is eligible

All local or international content creators in the areas of production, media, tourism, digital marketing, influencer marketing, etc. are eligible to apply for this Fund. Applicants may apply as an individual or as a registered company.

Applicants are to note that short form content is preferred and proposed projects should focus on digital video content (e.g. films, videos, animations), featuring Singapore stories around the themes of Strength, Resilience, Solidarity or Unity. Each project may also take the form of a single video or a series of videos.

When to apply

Applications are open from 1 May to 31 May 2020 (both dates inclusive).

How to apply

Submit your application here.

Evaluation criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  • Strength of content through storytelling, including alignment and resonance with the themes, the ability to engage and deeply connect with the local and/or global audiences, clarity and creativity in the concept and execution, etc.
  • Feasibility of proposal, including relevant track records, extensive marketing and distribution channels, etc.


Please refer to our list of Frequently Asked Questions or email us at