Annual Reports

Our Annual Report 2018/2019: Ready, Set, Go!  is a call out to all of you out there who are passionate about showcasing Singapore to the world. We invite you to join us on this rewarding journey to grow the industry, and shape Singapore as an appealing destination for locals and visitors alike.

With an increasingly competitive global landscape and more discerning travellers, 2018 was a challenging but fulfilling year for Singapore. Nonetheless, we have managed to achieve a third consecutive year of growth in international visitor arrivals and tourism receipts, thanks in great part to the efforts by everyone in this dynamic industry.

The Annual Report can be accessed here.

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Marketing Strategy Report

Singapore Tourism Board's medium-term marketing strategy aims to rally the industry in tackling the increasingly complex tourism landscape. Grounded in insights and research, the marketing strategy was developed through in-depth study, analysis and consultation with local and international experts and industry players across the fields of marketing and travel. The vision for Destination Singapore is to build on our foundational strengths to achieve agile, bold and creative destination marketing that inspires and delivers results. Read the full report here​.

Tourism Industry Conference Paper

The Tourism Industry Conference Paper 2013 assesses the medium term outlook for the tourism sector and outlines STB’s strategies to secure quality tourism growth. The paper can be accessed here.