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1. I have received a digital letter from STB about my SingapoRediscovers Vouchers declaration. What should I do next? 

2. I may have provided the wrong information. In this case, what am I required to do? 

Affected individuals will be provided with two options. You can return the wrongfully redeemed child/youth subsidy via PayNow or provide the correct declaration details via FormSG, including familial relations and the minors' identification number. This provides the opportunity for genuine mistakes to be corrected. 


3. What should I do if I had declared wrongly but did not receive a letter? 

Individuals who believe they have made a wrong declaration but did not receive a letter may wish to contact STB via email at


4. How do I know that the letter is not a scam? 

  • The official letters to affected Singapore Citizens will only be sent via Singpass. Singapore Citizens who receive them should ensure that the digital letter is downloaded from 
  • Non-Singapore Citizens will receive a hard copy of the letter printed with STB's official letterhead. Individuals can contact STB via email at if they wish to verify the authenticity of the letter. 
  • In addition, the PayNow QR code for payment should indicate the recipient as "STB-Custodian Project Account 4". 


5. How do Singapore Citizens access the digital letter via Singpass since the letters are password-protected? 

Singapore Citizens can access the letters on Singpass by entering a password comprising their date of birth as indicated in their NRIC, and the last four characters of their NRIC, in the format DDMMYYYY123A (for example: 25051983123A).