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As the sector champion for the hotel industry, STB focuses on industry development and capability enhancement, and the regulation of hotels in Singapore.

The hotel industry is a core industry within the tourism sector and a key pillar of Singapore's tourism growth; contributing about 20% of total tourism receipts. With over 430 properties island wide comprising more than 70,000 rooms, the hotel landscape in Singapore is characterised by a myriad of diverse hospitality offerings and is supported by about 30,000 individuals within the industry.

STB collaborates with other government agencies, Union, the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) and hotel stakeholders to drive strategic alignment towards the development of a vibrant, innovative and resilient hotel industry. STB also supports the Hotels Licensing Board in maintaining a relevant and pro-business licensing and regulatory environment that enables the dynamic industry to thrive. To gear up for the next phase of growth and cater to the evolving needs of travellers, STB works closely with hotels to reinvent business models and strengthen industry capabilities in order to stay ahead of competition. These include capturing demand with fresh hotel concepts, driving sustainability as a core strategy, raising productivity by harnessing technology and forging a competitive industry that is supported by a future ready workforce.

For statistics on Singapore's hotel landscape and performance, please visit the Singapore Tourism Analytics Network (Stan).

STB offers a number of grant schemes to assist stakeholders in the hotels industry in enhancing their business competitiveness and growth. To find out more about the schemes, please click on the following hyperlinks:

Future proof your hotel business and perform a self-assessment to diagnose your hotel's current state of transformation. To find out more, please visit Tourism Transformation Index (TXI).

Premises with 4 or more rooms to carry out the business of providing accommodation as a hotel, would need to possess a valid hotel licence issued by the Singapore Hotels Licensing Board (HLB).

For more information on hotels licensing, please visit the HLB website