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The Approved International Fair (AIF) scheme was developed in 1990 and is currently administered by the Singapore Exhibition and Convention BureauTM (SECB), the champion agency for the exhibitions industry in Singapore.

The AIF scheme confers official recognition to selected exhibitions with proven international and commercial appeal. AIF-approved events are easily identified by the AIF logo, a symbol attesting to the high quality of the event it endorses. Participants at AIF-endorsed events can be assured of:

  • Reaching the Asian market including China and India
  • Making contacts and networking important relevant trade visitors and buyers from around the world
  • Gaining access to a wide range of quality international products and services conveniently brought together at a single venue

Eligibility Criteria

SECB evaluates an exhibition on the benefits it brings to Singapore before according it the prestigious AIF stamp of endorsement. The criteria for endorsement include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • It should be organised by a Professional Exhibition Organiser (PEO) and be of quality that meets international standards
  • It should meet industry demands and requirements as well as be at the forefront of introducing innovative products and services for the industry represented
  • It should generate trade for the industry and economic spin-off in terms of business deals to companies
  • It should attract, at minimum, a pre-determined number of overseas exhibitors and visitors and take up a pre-determined area of exhibition space
  • It must have at least one successful showing in Singapore

Level of Support

The SECB will accord AIF-approved events the use of the prestigious AIF stamp of endorsement. In addition, local companies exhibiting in an AIF-endorsed exhibition are eligible for Double Tax Deduction (DTD) ​which allows approved companies to deduct against their taxable income, twice the eligible exhibition expenses.

Other than providing financial support, SECB also offers non-financial support that may include our facilitation in securing venues; introductions with leading government agencies, local associations and business partners as well as marketing and publicity support such as street banner support, logo support and event listing on

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the Singapore Exhibition & Convention BureauTM (SECB) at​​​​​​​​