The first Tourism Innovation Challenges was launched by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 2017 to catalyse the adoption of new technologies in Singapore's tourism industry. The Challenges invited proposals for innovative and viable solutions tailored for the Hotel and Travel Agent industries, and forged successful connections between solution providers and industry players.

This year, we turn our attention to the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions) and the Attractions industries respectively.  

Attractions Industry

In Singapore, Attractions is a core pillar of the tourism sector, bringing about both direct economic benefits and demand for related industries such as accommodation, retail, and dining. The industry is a competitive one, set against a backdrop of rapidly changing global environment and evolving visitor expectations. The long-term success of Singapore's Attractions industry is thus contingent upon the ability to enhance visitor experience, strengthen industry capabilities, innovate and collaborate to deliver relevant products and services to visitors.  

Attractions Innovation Challenge

To foster technology adoption and enable the Attractions industry to stay ahead of competition and continue capturing mindshare of increasingly discerning visitors, we are looking for technology companies to come up with innovative solutions to solve some of the most pressing issues faced by the industry today. Join us at the Attractions Innovation Challenge, where you will uncover exciting business opportunities with the attractions industry!

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Managing labour more effectively to enhance productivity 

1. How might we better connect and train suitable casual labour to available opportunities at various attractions? 

2. How might we automate ticketing sales and its verification process, so that manpower may be optimised to enhance visitor experience?


Designing world-class customer service 

3. How might we improve wayfinding within Attractions to maximise visitor experience? 

4. How might we overcome language and cultural barriers in a sustainable manner to deliver better service for visitors?


Enhancing visitor experience and driving revenue 

5. How might we overcome physical constraints within Attractions to deliver and refresh content and experiences so as to improve experiences and drive revenue?

6. How might we reduce the need for queuing and/or enhance the queuing experience? 

7. How might we better track visitor movement and behaviour so as to gain a deeper understanding of visitor interests in order to deliver a better experience, and/or improve resource deployment?

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Who Can Participate?

Open to all Singapore-registered business/companies.

We welcome applications from consortiums too.

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