STB partnered the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) to launch the Tourism Innovation Challenge for Travel Agents on 18 May 2017. The Innovation Challenge aims to crowd-source for innovative technologies to drive productivity and enhance guest experience for the Travel Agent Industry.  There would be networking sessions and clinics arranged, for solution providers to have a deeper understanding of the industry needs and to facilitate closer engagements.  For Successful Participants, there would be valuable opportunity to work with travel agents, who will provide mentorship and real-world environments to trial prototypes developed along​​ the course of the Challenge, with the potential to scale for wider industry adoption.​

Please click here​ for the media release of the Tourism Innovation Challenge.

Challenge Process and Key Dates


 ​Dates* ​ Milestones
 ​18 May 2017 ​ Launch of Tourism Innovation Challenge and publication of documents on STB’s website​
​ 22 May 2017 (PM)  ​Tourism Innovation Challenge briefing session
 15 June 2017​ (AM) ​ Industry Cinic for Participants
 ​17 July 2017 ​ Pre-Qualification submission​
 ​27 July 2017 (AM)​ ​ Networking session with Travel Agents
 ​28 August 2017 ​ Deadline for submission of proposals
 October 2017 ​ Success​​ful Participants to commence prototy​ping​

*Participants are to note that the dates indicated are subject to change, and as such, STB encourages Participants to check this webpage for updated details.​

​Latest Update

Awardees of Tourism Innovation Challenge for Travel Agents ​*Updated*


Circus Social

Circus Social is a social and digital data analytics company that focuses on helping clients listen, track and respond to digital stimuli. Circus Social has developed a next generation social media and news monitoring platform called 20/Twenty, that augments digital data, as well as the Circus Command Center that helps brands keep track of trends in real time

Email: | Website:


Drop Positioning Systems

Drop Smart Tour Operator System is a multi-solution device which is mobile and inbound/outbound friendly. Leveraging on LoRA (long range radio communication) and in-house innovations, the system will provide data connectivity, way-finding and even 2-way communication during disaster situations.​

Email: | Website:



lloopp is a tech start-up that fuses the power of data science, deep learning, and consulting to solve real-world challenges. lloopp specialises in big data analytics, combining both data science and business expertise to analyse data and deliver actionable insights for organisations, enabling them to drive greater operational efficiency and open up new opportunities for revenue generation.

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Zumata specialises in AI Conversational Chatbot Solutions for the travel and hospitality industries. With secured payment, data analytics and third-party system integration capabilities, Zumata's chatbot solution offers a solution that is able to respond instantly, in multiple languages, to address your business needs.​

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Upload of Expression of Interest Letter 

Thank you for journeying with us this far! As part of the submission requirements, it is required for solution providers to secure a committed pilot partner. You may refer here for a template of an Expression of Interest Letter as a form of proof of onboarding of the pilot partner.​ 


Networking Session with Travel Agents

Thank you to all who attended and participated actively in our Networking Session!

Gentle reminder that the Solution Proposals are due for submission on 28 August 2017, 1800hrs SGT. Please refer to the Challenge Documents below for the submission requirements.


Industry Clinic for Participants

We would like to thank the 28 travel agents and 52 solutions providers who attended the Industry Clinic on 15 June 2017 for the insightful discussions.  Participants who wish to request for additional email contacts and/or info could email us at​


Tourism Innovation Challenge Briefing ​Session​  

The Briefing Session concluded on 22 May 2017.  Please download the Briefing presentation here.  For solu​tion p​​roviders seeking partnerships with others, please refer to the list​ of interested companies.


Challenge Documents

  • User Journey and Insights of the Travel Agent Industry – Click he​re 
  • Challenge Document v1.1 – Click here
  • Application Form (Annex A) v1.2 – Click h​e​re​​​
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Click h​e​re
  • Expression of Interest Letter- Click h​​​ere ​