7 October 2022

General Advisory for Travellers

1. Singapore is open to all travellers without quarantine, subject to pre-departure COVID-19 testing for travellers who are not fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines. More details are available here.

2. Depending on the destination you are travelling from, mask-wearing aboard flights and ferries to Singapore may not be required. Travellers are advised to check with the respective transport operator on the mask-wearing requirement prior to their trip.

3. When you are in Singapore, please do your part by practising good personal hygiene, monitoring your own health, and following the appropriate safe management measures available here.

General Advisory for Tourism Businesses

1. Singapore has re-opened for business and activities have resumed. All establishments can now operate at 100% capacity with no group size limits and no safe distancing requirements between groups and individuals.

2. Mask-wearing is not required in indoor and outdoor places, except in healthcare settings and on public transport. For the latest safe management measures, please visit the Ministry of Health website.

3. However, mask-wearing and other requirements as part of sectoral regulations will continue to apply. These include Singapore Food Agency’s (SFA) requirement for food handlers and Enterprise Singapore’s (ESG) requirements for F&B Establishments, as well as Retail Establishments and Lifestyle Related Services.

4. From 10 October 2022, Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS) will be fully lifted in settings including events with > 500 participants at any one time, nightlife establishments where dancing among patrons is one of the intended activities, and dining in at F&B establishments. For more information on VDS, please refer to the Ministry of Health advisory.

5.  All employees can return to the workplace. For latest measures on workplace events and meetings, please visit the  Ministry of Manpower website.

Industry-Specific FAQs


1.     Are masks required on trams/people mover systems within attractions?

Mask-wearing is optional on trams/ people mover systems within attractions.


2.     Are hotels and hostels allowed to accommodate COVID-19-positive guests?

a. Hotels and hostels are strongly encouraged to accept all guest profiles, including Covid-19-positive guests, as Singapore transits towards living with COVID-19. When accommodating guests who require such self-isolation, hotels and hostels should follow the appropriate health measures and protocols found here.

b. Hotels and hostels must be transparent with prospective guests on any company-specific policies, and terms and conditions of the guests’ stays during the booking phase.


3.     Are masks required on tour buses?

Mask-wearing is optional on tour buses.



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