22 April 2022

From 26 April 2022, all fully vaccinated visitors and non-fully vaccinated children aged 12 and below arriving into Singapore will no longer be required to take a Pre-Departure Test before departing for Singapore.

General Advisory for Visitors

1. All fully vaccinated travellers1 and non-fully vaccinated children2 aged 12 and below are permitted to enter Singapore. They will not need to apply for entry approvals or take any COVID-19 tests.

2. If you are in Singapore, please do your part by practising good personal hygiene, monitor your own health and follow appropriate safe management measures. 

General Advisory for Tourism Businesses

Resumption of business activities

1. Singapore has re-opened for business and activities have resumed. Some Safe Management Measures (SMMs) remain in place, such as mask-wearing for indoor settings. Please refer to the Ministry of Health's website for the latest measures.

2. For guidance on the required Safe Management Measures for tourism businesses, please see STB’s industry-specific advisories.

3. Please visit the Ministry of HealthMinistry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Manpower websites for the latest updates. 

1Please refer to for the definition of a fully vaccinated traveller.

2 To illustrate, non-fully vaccinated children born in or after 2010 may enter Singapore in 2022 under the same protocols as fully vaccinated travellers.


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