When the world stopped travelling internationally during COVID-19, the travel industry had to take a back seat and wait for restrictions to ease.

While markets are in different stages of travel recovery, STB commissioned global trend forecaster WGSN to create a report that helps businesses understand the changing mindsets of travellers.

Informed by WGSN’s proprietary data, with insights provided by a global team of analysts, data scientists and researchers, the ‘Understanding The New Traveller’ report dives into travel trends through the lens of different traveller profiles – covering changing traveller sentiments, insights into macro drivers that impact traveller behaviours, and actionable recommendations on how businesses can shape their domestic and international recovery strategies.

Share your feedback and download the report here after watching SingapoReimagine Global Conversations.

Hear from Jessica Tang, Senior Consultant of WGSN, on the ‘Understanding The New Traveller’ report in Episode 1 of SingapoReimagine Global Conversations: Reimagine Experiences.

About WGSN

WGSN is a consumer forecaster that provides global trend insights and industry expertise to help innovators optimise their products and services.

WGSN was selected as a Data Partner for Global Conversations because of its extensive network of industry experts across 15 regional offices and its stellar record of trend forecasting for the world’s leading companies for over 20 years.