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UK Edition
Reimagine Experiences and Sustainability
On the Move: Debates within the Future of Travel

STB London partnered with Intelligence Squared to deliver a thought leadership event series titled “On the Move: Debates within the Future of Travel”. This series covered key issues in the world of travel and discuss how Singapore is transforming itself into one of the world’s most dynamic hubs of sustainability and innovation.

The UK edition was a closed-door, live event held at Cromwell Place in London on 30 March 2022, comprising two sessions.

Dubai Edition
Reimagine Sustainability
Reimagined Cities: Can cities leverage urban design and technology to attract the next generation traveller?

Next generation travellers increasingly want to travel well and travel good, knowing that they will be a partner in helping rather than harming the planet. Now that borders are reopening and many of us are dreaming up travel plans, how can cities respond to these shifting travel trends and new consumer needs with urban design and technology?

The New Yorker Festival (US)
Of Sustenance and Sustainability: A Singapore Story

Sustainability is at the heart of Singapore’s mission and of its food culture, from UNESCO-recognized hawker centers to innovative meat alternatives. In the Of Sustenance and Sustainability: A Singapore Story panel, the panelists discuss the remarkable advances that have been made in this realm, and how they may influence the world for the better.