In 2017, the first of the Tourism Innovation Challenges was launched by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to catalyse the adoption of new technologies in Singapore's tourism industry. The Challenges invited proposals for innovative and viable solutions tailored for the Hotel and Travel Agent industries, and forged successful connections between solution providers and industry players.


This year, we turn our attention to the MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conferences, and Exhibitions) industry. 


Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and  Exhibitions (MICE) industry

The Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) industry is a form of tourism travel, in which groups of people, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose. The MICE market refers to a niche group dedicated to planning, booking, and facilitating conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other events. Players in the field typically include Professional Conference Organisers, Professional Exhibition Organisers, Venue Providers, Destination Management Companies, Tour Operators, Professional Trade organisations, Trade Associations and other suppliers etc. (Find out more information about the industry here .)


The industry is a competitive one and set against a backdrop of a rapidly changing global operating environment and evolving consumer needs, many cities competing in this space have also begun to customise and improve their offerings to attract the increasingly sophisticated business traveller. 

The long-term success of Singapore's MICE industry is thus contingent upon the ability to better understand and anticipate delegate needs, and strengthen industry capabilities to deliver the relevant products and services to consumers. It also means the need for all in the industry to collaborate and innovate so that Singapore can remain competitive in the global business events arena.


With the technology available today, a lot more can be done to transform the way these events are developed, marketed, and managed.


MICE Challenge

To foster technology adoption and enable the MICE industry to stay ahead of the competition, STB partnered SACEOS in 2018 to launch the Tourism Innovation Challenge for MICE, as a means to crowd-source amongst the technology community for new and innovative solutions to address problems faced by MICE companies in Singapore. We are looking for startups / SMEs that have innovative solutions for the MICE industry to enhance their capabilities to design great events and deliver better experiences.


Join us at the STB Tourism Innovation Challenge for MICE.  Uncover exciting new business opportunities with event owners, event management services and supporting industries like venues and booth stand contractors!


Exciting Topics



Designing engaging, world-class events

1. How might we surface and track trends, so that industry can curate more sought-after and forward-thinking content more effectively?

2. How might we enable better matching of MICE industry opportunities to skilled freelancers?

Managing and using customer data more effectively

3. How might we better understand delegates' profiles and needs to customise communications with them, which in turn helps retain their interest for future events?

4. How might we better understand delegates' expectations and needs to provide personalised recommendations, so they get the most of the event experience?

Tracking people movement and event waste

5. How might we pinpoint the location of VIPs or special guests, so that it is more efficient and less manpower intensive to manage them at the event?

6. How might we track or pinpoint the location of vehicles ferrying delegates, so that the event planners can be more responsive to delays and adjust the programme on-the-fly?

7. How might we enable different stakeholders in the event value chain to measure and account for waste generated at each event, so they can develop an appropriate plan to reduce waste?


More about the topics 


Extra Reading 1 - CWT 2018 Meetings Events Future Trends Report.pdf

Extra Reading 2 - AMEX 2018-Global-Meetings-Forecast-US.pdf

Extra Reading 3 - Skift Megatrends 2018.pdf

Application Process and Application Templates

Tourism Innovation Challenge for MICE - Challenge Document.pdf

ANNEX A - Shortlisting Submission (Deadline 15 Oct 2018).docx (completed)

ANNEX B - Tourism Innovation Challenge for MICE - Challenge Document v1.0 (Deadline 14 Dec 2018).docx 

Expression of Interest letter template.docx (Updated 26 Nov 2018)


MICE Challenge Launch - Presentation Deck 

01 MICE Challenge - STB Opening (Updated 03 Oct 2018).pdf

02 Explanation of Challenge Statements.pdf

03 Timeline and Process (Updated 03 Oct 2018).pdf


MICE Challenge Launch Video: Watch Here


Why You Should Participate



You get the right opportunity to meet and directly engage with the industry, for your solution to be adopted.



If shortlisted, you would be supported by STB (up to 70% of qualifying costs) to develop your solution.



You have the exposure and opportunity to be showcased at relevant industry platforms.

Who Can Participate?

Open to all Singapore-registered business/companies

(We welcome applications from consortiums too.)



We are overwhelmed by the number of proposals received! Thank you for the active participation. We have shortlisted 28 companies to the Industry Matchmaking Day. (Shortlisted Companies.pdf) For those who did not make it to the Industry Matchmaking, this is definitely not the end of the opportunity. You are welcome to find your suitable industry pilot partner and submit a proposal to by 14 Dec 2018.  

Awardees of Tourism Innovation Challenge for MICE (Completed)


A  Software-as-a-Service  (SaaS)  platform  that  enables freelancers to list their skills and accreditations for events and at the same time, search for events’ service  listings.  Similarly,  companies  requiring  the  services  of  freelancers  can  post  the opportunities on the platform.


An AI chatbot which acts as a virtual assistance to a MICE event organiser that can service delegates’ queries and deliver correct answer in a consistent format twenty-four seven. The chatbot is designed to provide contextualised information, answer queries, anticipate needs, make recommendations via a conversational interface. Besides improving the delegates’ experience by providing the answers instantaneously, the chatbot also helps to map the delegates interest to the relevant conference sessions to attend, recommend a list of relevant exhibitors to meet based on the delegate’s interest and profile, and offer a channel for delegate to submit questions to the speaker and provide feedback.


Using a combination of search technology, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms, data about exhibitors and trade visitors can be collected, cleansed, filtered and standardize into a consistent set of information.  These information can help EO to plan and analyse upstream, develop an appropriate pre-event targeted communication messaging to relevant trade visitors and potentially increase event attendance. It also helps in offering a better business matching experience which exhibitors can benefit from higher quality leads and business meeting.

Global Sign-In

An open  event  data  platform  which automatically  integrate,  via  APIs, delegate data from various systems used by the event organiser into a centralised database, for event  organisers  to  have  a  single  view  and  profile of  their  delegates.  With this centralised database, GSI would leverage machine learning and predictive analytics  techniques  to  build  automated  insights  about  attendees,  which  would  allow  event organisers to improve delegate engagement and enable more targeted marketing. This solution aims to solve the issue faced by event organisers today, where data on their delegates are stored on  separate  systems  in  silos.

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