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STB plays a vital role in strengthening industry competitiveness through upgrading of capabilities. It collaborates with industry partners, associations, business owners, education institutions and government agencies to support tourism companies to enhance their business capabilities and efficiencies, and address current challenges whilst preparing for future growth.

As part of the national drive to raise productivity levels in organisations, the Board also works with various industries - Hotels, Attractions, Travel Agents, Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions and Exhibitions, and Tourist Guides – to enhance business sustainability, develop operational efficiencies, address manpower challenges, and raise service standards.

STB’s areas of focus in driving industry capability development include the following:

Talent and Manpower Development

To support the growth of the tourism sector, STB collaborates with tourism stakeholders and government agencies to manage the supply and demand of both local and foreign manpower, and raises awareness about career opportunities in the tourism sector through various engagement platforms and events.

The Board also ensures that education (both pre-employment and continuing) of workers in the tourism sector remains highly responsive to market needs, and it works closely with tourism stakeholders and government agencies to encourage upgrading of skills and leadership development.

Technology Adoption

To enhance the competitiveness of Singapore's tourism businesses, STB conceptualises and manages high-impact, broad-based projects that kindle operational excellence and raise visitors' experience.

Service Excellence

STB is part of a multi-agency movement called GEMS UP, playing a vital role in spearheading service excellence by showcasing the service industry and enhancing the culture of service appreciation in Singapore.

STB organises the Singapore Tourism Awards, the most prestigious awards platform in Singapore's tourism sector that focuses on experience development and service excellence. The Awards honour exemplary industry partners that constantly seek new ways to enrich the Singapore brand promise and create a stellar experience for visitors. These partners come from the fields of Attractions, Business Travel and MICE (BTMICE), Dining, Experiential Learning, Entertainment, Healthcare, Hospitality and Retail. For more details, please click here.


In a dynamic consumer landscape where there is increasing need to be adaptable and deliver high quality experiences, companies need to constantly innovate, operate efficiently and deliver exceptional service. To spur more of such innovation, STB supports the collaboration and partnership between tourism-focused businesses in the tourism sector.

Incentive Schemes

The Board also designs incentive schemes​ to catalyse the growth of tourism businesses, raise operational excellence and enhance visitor experience. Currently, the schemes support areas such as skills upgrading and talent/leadership development, technology adoption, innovation and business process improvement.