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STB develops and sustains the growth of tourism industries through long-term strategic planning, growing markets, attracting investments, and developing tourism hardware and software.

Long-Term Strategic Planning

STB conducts regular environment scans and trend analysis to gain external and internal perspectives which enable it to formulate long-term strategic plans to develop and sustain the growth of the tourism sector.

The Board’s latest sector growth strategy is expounded in the Tourism Industry Conference 2013 Conference Paper.

Growing Markets

An important part of STB’s sector growth strategy is growing target visitor markets. This is supported by the Board’s integrated network of 20 Regional Offices and 4 Marketing Representatives, which actively build mind share and affinity of Singapore as an attractive leisure and business destination and strengthen the country's market presence in their respective regions.

Attracting Investments

Working through its Regional Offices, STB attracts and facilitates investment by foreign tourism companies in sites available for tourism investment in Singapore.

Developing Tourism Hardware & Software

To sustain and enhance Singapore’s attractiveness as a destination, STB continues to plan for a steady pipeline of new infrastructu​ral developments and support the creation of new innovative and compelling content propositions and visitor experiences.

Besides developing new tourism hardware and software, STB also continues to collaborate with local industry stakeholders to rejuvenate and renew existing precincts, attractions and products.​​​​