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STB upholds the regulatory environment for hotels, travel agents and tourist guides through licensing, ensuring compliance with related Acts and Regulations, and policy and regulatory reviews.


STB’s key mandate is the licensing of hotels under the ambit of the Hotels Act. STB licenses hotels in a timely and efficient manner, and ensures their compliance with the Hotels Licensing Regulations. It also takes action against unlicensed hotels, ensuring a level playing field for operators. Additionally, the Board reviews the hotel regulatory framework to ensure that it remains relevant and responsive to this dynamic industry while protecting the interests of the consumers and the public.

Travel Agents & Tourist Guides

STB administers and enforces the licensing regime on Singapore travel agents and tourist guides, and ensures compliance with the Travel Agents Act and Regulations, the Singapore Tourism Board Act, and the Tourist Guides Regulations. This includes regular checks on travel agencies to ensure that they do not pose a financial risk to the travelling public or conduct malpractice, and the licensing of tourist guides to ensure the delivery of professional and quality visitor experiences expected of a world-class tourist destination. The Board also reviews the administered legislations periodically to ensure the relevance of the regulatory environment.

To access the statutory provisions on hotel, travel agent and tourist guide licensing administered by STB, please click here.