​​​​​Non-Renewable Temporary Oc​cupation Licence (NRTOL) is an application for events held on Orchard Road Pedestrian Mall (State Land) on short-term, temporary basis. A Place Management Committee comprising STB, LTA, SLA, URA, NParks, SPF, NEA is formed to shape Orchard Road into a lifestyle destination, and to ensure that the events held on Orchard Road are of good quality and congruent with the image of Orchard Road as a premier shopping and lifestyle destination.​​


 Licence Quick Facts
Estimated Processing Time: About 1 month from the receipt of the completed documents, before the date of installation/site entry.
Licence Fee to be paid to SLA: Depends on the type and scale of the event and area applied for
Validity Period: For the period of the event only


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Eligibility Requirements

All events held at Orchard Road pedestrian mall (state land), including roving events.

Public events with strong national, social and cultural themes are highly encouraged. Events, unless endorsed by the Orchard Road Business Association and STB, should not be used for profit-generating purposes or the promotion of commercial brands and products. Retailing is strictly not permitted. Events that can be considered include:

  • Exhibitions that are educational and social in nature (e.g, artworks, photography);
  • Cultural-related festivals endorsed by a go​vernment agency/embassy;
  • Fashion runway shows featuring multiple fashion brands;
  • Public concerts, gigs, performances; and
  • Events promoting signature precinct events (i.e. F1, Great Singapore Sale, etc)

Please refer to the full guidelines for applying the NRTOL here​


How to Apply

There are two types of STB NRTOL application forms – one for roving events and one for other events. Event Organisers are to download the relevant STB NRTOL Application form, complete and submit them together with all the supporting documents to STB's Retail Precinct Development department, by email to to The supporting documents can be downloaded below. Event Organisers are to ensure that full details of the event are submitted to STB.

The processing of each NRTOL application takes about 1 month from the receipt of the completed documents, before the date of installation/site entry. Incomplete documents will not be accepted.

Priority will be given to national events such as F1, Great Singapore Sale, Christmas Light Up, etc. Space will depend on availability and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Upon the approval of the event by STB, the SLA will proceed to issue an official letter indicating its in-principle approval, offer of a Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL), as well as the payment request of a non-refundable processing fee of $173.25 (inclusive of GST), applicable TOL fees and a refundable security deposit. Upon the applicant’s acceptance of SLA’s condition of use, SLA will issue the TOL accordingly.

Payments can be made via Cashcard, NETS and Credit/Debit Card at SLA's customer service counter or by cheque made payable to Commissioner of Lands, SLA.


STB NRTOL application form for roving events

STB NRTOL application form for other events​​

​Guidelines on NRTOL​

Information required by​ SLA

Samples of supporting documents (zip file​​)

License Fees

The TOL fee payable will depend on the type and scale of the event and area applied for. Please click here to get an estimate of the amount of fee that may apply to your event.


Q1 : I want to organise an event along Orchard Road, how should I go about getting approval?

Ans : Please read through the guidelines on the use of state land along Orchard Road. The guidelines will provide information on the type of events allow on Orchard Road and the documents needed.

Q2: I want to set up a pop-up store along the Orchard Road pedestrian mall, like the Old Chang Kee store? what is the procedure?

Ans : Pop-up stores for retail or profit-generating purposes are generally not supported. The set-up of a pop up store can only be considered if it is part of a larger national, precinct or festive event. If the pop-up is temporary in nature and is less than 90 days, the usual NRTOL application applies. 

However, should the proposal be for a permanent pop-up and non-event based exceeding 90 days (91 days and more) along Orchard road, (e.g. Haagen Dazs store in front of Far East Shopping Centre), the proposal is to be submitted directly to URA for evaluation and approval as a Planning Permission is required. 

Please visit here for more information.​

Q3: For my flash mob along Orchard Road, what kind of licence do I need?

Ans : For roving events including flash mob and dance performances, permission has to be obtained from the Singapore Tourism Board and for some cases, Police permit or Arts Entertainment License has to be obtained.

Q4: I have House-to-House Streets Collection License, can I collect funds along Orchard Road?

Ans : Although the License for house-to-house street collection may have been given, permission for holding the event along Orchard Road has to be sought from STB as the place manager of Orchard Road. Please note that the Singapore Tourism Board does not allow the collection of funds along Orchard Road.

Q5: Can I get permission to distribute flyers along Orchard Road?

Ans : Due to littering issues, the Singapore Tourism Board does not allow the distribution of flyers or brochures along Orchard Road

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